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How Our Real Estate Development Solution Powered by Acumatica Increases Productivity for Your Organization

Accurate, real-time accounting is paramount for real estate developers and property managers. Unfortunately, proper bookkeeping can be both tedious and time-consuming. Most developers are using …

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What is Proptech and How it is Changing Real Estate Development

Over the past several years, Proptech has contributed significantly to the modernization of the commercial real estate industry (CRE). This rapid adoption of Proptech is …

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Project Costing: The Heart & Soul of Real Estate Development

Every real estate developer knows that project costing and budget control is one of the most important aspects of development. Accurate data and the ability …

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Development Loan Draws Made Simple

  Are you a Real Estate Developer struggling with paperwork and the time associated with creating loan draw packages for your financial institution?   One …

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A Solution that Offers Four Specific Features to Help CRE Developers

In order to be successful, real estate developers require a software solution that is both effective and cost-efficient. What is needed is a self-contained system …

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Why Commercial Real Estate Developers Need Technology

Consensus says that the best way to run any organization is by utilizing the latest technology and having a state-of-the-art software solution appropriately created for …

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Hiring property management office staff - Anton Systems

Hiring Property Management Office Staff Is a Process

If you are newer to the property management game, or are just looking to change things up within your office, then it may be that …

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Summer Property Maintenance - Anton Systems

Summer Property Maintenance to Please Renters

A big part of your work as a property manager is to prep for all seasons, both in and outside of your building. Before it’s …

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Rental Amenities - Anton Systems

Rental Amenities to Include on Listings

If you have a rental property, then you may think you’re already doing the best job in marketing it that you possibly can. Or, maybe …

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Green - Anton Systems

Concepts of Green Space

There are many collations around the country promoting green office partnerships and space. Green office partnerships promote the office or workspace to practice energy conservation, …

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Summer Maintenance - Anton Systems

Summer Maintenance for Your Property

It’s officially June, which means that the date of the beginning of summer is steadily approaching. It may be hard to believe that the year …

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Fire Insurance - Anton Systems

Fire Insurance a Property Management Necessity

You may think that you have all your bases covered when it comes to your residential or commercial property. However, there will always be surprises, …

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