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Preparing Your Property for the Changing Seasons

With fall officially in swing, there are a few steps you should take as property manager in order to accomplish some important upkeep before things get too chilly.  Regular maintenance is important with any property, but the changing of the seasons is a crucial time to at least do an inspection of certain areas to make sure they’re up to the challenge of harsh conditions that might roll in as the months pass.

Simple check-ups can make all the difference in preparing your property or in making suggestions to tenants so that they can do their own examinations.  To start, consider how drafty buildings can be when winter chill comes rolling in.  Checking over how air flow functions within your property can either alert you to a potential problem or reassure you that you don’t have to worry about leaks for the time being.  If there is an excess of dust it can cause blockages, so consider this when doing a sweep for circulation.

Anton Systems - Seasonal PreparationOne of the most obvious necessities for the changing temperatures is heat.  If your HVAC system is old and has had some problems in the past few years, consider getting it professionally serviced before the dead of winter so you don’t leave residents shivering.  Filters, too, need to be replaced regularly to ensure proper distribution of the heat throughout the units.  If residents have fireplaces, then they should be inspected for soot buildup and for a potential need for a sweep of the chimney.  Debris buildup may act as a fire hazard if left unattended, so clear it when cleaning the inside to keep things safe and in working order.

If temperatures outside are still mild, open the windows and touch up the interior with any needed paint improvements.  There may be a few scratches or wear and tear that you’ve been neglecting, so take a brush to it to keep things fresh before your tenants will be spending more time inside.  It also helps to have the windows open for other cleaning jobs, such as carpet work, or if you buckle down to tackle drains and other stinky jobs.  There could be a food buildup in the kitchen sink or a bathroom that needs deep cleaning and the entire process can be improved by a breeze drifting through.

Outside the property, there’s also some touch-up work to do before the winter.  To keep warmth in, cold out, and utility costs down, ensure that insulation is plentiful and actually working to accomplish these goals.  If the property is older, then more modern, functional and efficient insulation may be available.  While outdoors, do a sweep of areas such as decks or porches, looking for any structural or cosmetic damage that can be touched up.  Take note of walkways for both safety issues or foundation concerns so that there aren’t any problems before tenants even make it into their units.  Finally, look up to the gutters; lodged debris can cause clogs and eventually become laden with snow and ice, becoming potentially hazardous later in the season.

Preparing your property before winter rolls in is enormously important if you want to stay on top of maintenance issues before they begin to pile up.  It can be a lot to deal with, particularly if you are managing a number of units, so take some of the stress out of the process by turning to the SKYLINE account software for property management needs.  SKYLINE can improve the performance of your property, bring back more of a return to investors, and go above and beyond your renters’ expectations.  Working within one system allows you easy access to this powerful system, keeping all of your data in one place so that nothing is lost or out of place.  Any type of property can be worked into this highly adaptable system, so whatever your need at any time of year, SKYLINE can help to bring simplicity to your busy work life.

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