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Lights and Green to Increase the Value of Your Property

When working to increase the value of your property, have you considered recently how trees might have an impact?  Greenery in and around the area makes a big difference in curb appeal, often drawing foot traffic and boosting value with more of a plant presence.  With commercial and especially residential real estate, you want the initial experience of a potential consumer to be a good one.  What they’ll remember, more often than not, is that first look, which starts as they approach the property.  Because of this, it’s crucial to include plants and trees in the area so that they are given a sense of healthy, clean, and beautiful before even stepping foot inside.

Landscaping can make all the difference by adding “up to 28% to overall home value… Even taking your landscaping from ‘good’ to ‘excellent,’ in terms of design, condition, and placement, can add 6% to 7% to a home’s value.”  It can make the difference for a buyer if they are on the fence about the inside but are already impressed with how professional and put-together the outside is.  It’s done as an investment, to ensure that people will come and go with a positive impression that will stick in their minds.

oaktreeFor the money-minded, the values of greenery in particulars areas can be determined since they can save you money as a property manager in a number of ways.  Trees in particular offer a lot of benefits; their roots can absorb runoff that might otherwise cause problems, they take in carbon dioxide to improve air quality, and they provide shade to reduce utility costs in hot weather.  The Department of Energy has said that as few as three well-placed trees can make a difference and save about $100-$250 as a result of impacting heating and cooling costs.

Of course, it isn’t as easy as planting a sapling and hoping for the best.  They must be maintained carefully to grow so that owners can reap the rewards in the future, though the investment is vastly worth the time.  This should be taken into account particularly if surrounding businesses or residences are placing a lot of emphasis on manicuring their own properties.  If not, your own may look worse in comparison than it is in reality, and this makes a difference when the value lies only in what buyers think and judge for themselves and not whether or not your property is truly better or worse than the surrounding lots.

Trees can have a big impact on property value, but so can the introduction of “native plants.”  This means that encouraging the growth of plants and shrubs that naturally grow in the area will do you the most good, primarily because they require less attention than their foreign cousins who may need help to adjust to the local climate.  As with trees, these greens increase the appeal of your lot and are easy to maintain.  Additionally, many species can attract varying birds and butterflies, which only further to create a portrait of lush tranquility around the exterior of your property.

“Rain gardens” can be effective and profitable; they “filter and distribute runoff underground, preventing storm water from seeping into basements and overwhelming municipal sewers.”  If you are situated in an area prone to flooding, they can help to alleviate some of that excess while also providing a visually appealing green space for residents and wildlife.  As with any other outside addition, there is maintenance that needs to be done to keep the garden system safe and functional (i.e., removing sediment buildup, not allowing for long-standing water, pruning and weeding as needed).  Similarly, using terracing where the ground is uneven provides a place for planting and prevents further erosion while adding charm and character to a property.

To highlight the features of the outside area and of whatever leafy features you add, keep in mind the importance of good lighting. It can direct people to the front door or draw their eyes to whichever focal points you decide to showcase.  It’s also crucial for safety purposes; if the exterior is too dark or dim, there is a much higher chance of fall accidents and intruder incidences, which can make your insurance more costly.  Finally, solid lighting will make the property appear more appealing all around, welcoming those who will visit or live there and making them feel safer within it.

A similar project that can raise appeal while assuring safety is a fence.  If it’s well-constructed, not unpleasant to look at, and not one of many throughout the neighborhood, then it can add value to the property while also providing increased security and privacy.  Finally, a nice (and simple) walkway leading to the front of the building or home invites visitors while subtly drawing their attention to gain more curb appeal points.

As a property manager, you have a lot to consider when trying to take control of everything on your plate.  Anton Systems’ Real Estate Property Management Solutions allow you to stay on top of all the work for your properties while keeping things organized.  Best of all, the system allows for an experience tailored exactly for you so that it works entirely to your benefit. The SKYLINE Property Management & Accounting Software makes it easy for property managers in commercial or residential real estate to boost property values and leave residents satisfied throughout the process (which means less stress for you).  The amount of experience and training that back the SKYLINE solutions assure that your investments will be kept safe while your property values are boosted over time.

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