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How Can New Technology Improve Your Property?

It’s no secret that there’s been an explosion of technology within the past decade, the past five years, even in the past year alone.  Smartphones are in the hands of most of the people you see and can be used for much, much more than texting and social media.  As a property manager, you should take into your own hands the responsibility of learning about what new and breaking technologies can do for you and how they can boost your property value.  Everything from temperature to security can be made easier with an app or other electronic options.

Devices themselves have jumped into the future with how they can be interacted with and make household utility work a breeze.  Thermostats that can be operated via phone or tablet are being installed to drop utility costs and to save energy.  Before, for example, the temperature may have been keep much higher than needed if a chilly winter day warmed up while the owner was at work.  With this new tech, the tenant can make adjustments at any time from their phone, keeping the interior at the desired temperature at the drop of a hat.  Not only will they be rewarded with plummeting bills, but you as the manager, by encouraging use of these installations, will save money, too.

“Did I remember to lock up?”  It isn’t an uncommon question, not with residents who may have a lot on their minds, particularly when leaving to go to work.  This concern is nonexistent with new Bluetooth-enabled locks; the deadbolts can be activated via an app or the touch of a fob to avoid later fumbling with keys.  Additionally, there is a “plus for property managers [which] is that the locks can be coded by resident to enhance security. Users can send and manage electronic keys via smartphone for anytime, scheduled and 24-hour guest access.”  Security is a concern for tenants and managers alike and these developing technologies help to make the process safer and easier at the same time.  Another boon to the especially surveillance-minded is the fact that renters can monitor their apartments on their phone or tablet “in real time.”  The installation of a number of cameras can give residents even more peace of mind so that they can assuage any fears throughout the interior (or outside the door) whenever they feel the need.

energybillNew technology can help to make outdoor maintenance simpler, too.  Sprinklers can work with (you guessed it) smart phones to program the timing and frequency of watering.  These schedules can even be determined by gathering weather information and using it to set off the sprinklers when they’re actually needed rather than on a fixed and potentially ineffective period.  You can take this one to the bank: “Cloud-based software manages the sprinkler system using weather data to create custom schedules that can save up to 15 percent on water usage.”  Like the other tech options, these “smart” sprinklers save resources while keeping money in your pocket for other expenditures.

Within the apartment, there are a number of products in which you can invest where the installation will have similarly beneficial effects.  Energy-efficient lights, low-flow showers, and the installation of appliances that use less water or power can all help to boost your property reputation, impress tenants, and save big.

Introducing these kinds of devices and technologies into your property can make a huge difference in how you and your renters interact with the space.  You’ll save both money and energy which will make your job easier and keep your residents happy.  If you want to keep that momentum and improve your property management experience even more, try out Anton Systems’ SKYLINE system solutions.  The SKYLINE property management and accounting software keeps you ahead of the game by streamlining the entire process.  All this new technology in combination with SKYLINE software makes any maintenance that you do incredibly simple.  You can change how you interact with the program based on your needs, tailoring the entire experience to you and your property to keep things on track for your goals.  Take time and consider how this powerful technology solution can work for you and your residents while exploring how new technology can improve your property management experience.

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