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Anton Systems - Communication Outreach

Better Communication by Reaching Out

Where does the road to being a highly successful property manager begin?  For starters, all of your efforts will be made easier if you can connect with others in an effective and thorough way.  By building a network and figuring out effective ways of communication you can stand out as a property manager that stands above the rest of the competition and who acts professionally.  These connections can include “vendors, customers, supervisors, subordinates, and even competitors you encounter during the course of your career.”  Each have their own benefits and can aid your business in various ways if you make the effort to reach out.  Being involved with other businesses, especially, can give you the advantage and edge to move forward in your successes.

Don’t limit your network by restricting your interaction and social outreach.  There are a huge number of opportunities for this growth, some of which include:

  • “attend professional meetings, property management conventions and tradeshows, or conferences
  • visit with other parents during your child’s sporting or music events
  • volunteer for “clean-up” day at the park
  • visit with other members of your social clubs or religious groups
  • talk with your neighbors
  • strike up a conversation with someone else waiting at the veterinarian’s office
  • search out friends (current as well as former) on Facebook
  • re-connect with former colleagues on LinkedIn
  • talk to sales persons visiting your office”

Anton Systems - Communication OutreachAmong others.  In taking some of these steps, you can greatly increase the chances that you will have interactions with other professionals or potential residents that you might not have had otherwise, by chance, or in your normal routine.  Socialization is all about forming connections, after all, so involving yourself and your work in social functions will bring positive results for your efforts.  Obviously, the best place to start would be in areas where you want to form new connections or strengthen older ones; from the above list, you might want to hone in on the last two suggestions, which would widen your network and encourage visitors to your business, respectively.

When trying to generate buzz for your property and/or services, “use door-to-door handouts, Craigslist, email blasts and other friendly forms of announcements.”  This can accomplish a lot for you, mainly that a lot of people will see your name and business in writing, even  if it isn’t for very long.  This can help to keep you in their minds for longer than if you just had a conversation with them, which makes it more likely that they will remember you in the future and (likely) get into contact.  A good start to encourage communication, even if it’s one-sided, is to send out a property management-related newsletter to reach out to your clients.  You could ask them to submit their own materials, advertise local events, and take other kinds of action that will keep residents interested and involved.

While working to increase the levels of communication and outreach with clients, you don’t want to have to worry about the more technical side of things.  The ability to manage multiple properties within a single system is a huge time saver for busy real estate developers. Let Anton Systems’ property management software help you to keep control of things so that you can more easily focus on the human connections.  You can manage leases, track properties, and create custom reports that support your work by making your job easier.  This all-inclusive software was built for you and includes everything you need to run a profitable development business, such as:

  • Project Costing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Cost Control
  • Funding & Billing
  • Property Management
  • Reporting

So let this easy-to-use system provide you with a solid business solution so that you can better work with the people who the business really affects and achieve greater communication.

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