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Skyline User Group

Anton Systems Hosts Annual SKYLINE User Group Meetings

Skyline User Group
In October we had the privilege of hosting our SKYLINE User Group meetings in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Atlanta, Birmingham and Nashville. We all enjoy these opportunities to meet “in person” with our users, both old and new. During these sessions we take time to review new SKYLINE features and share experiences that have been helpful in increasing efficiency and also have been challenging.

Thank You!

We thank all of our users who took the time from their busy schedules to join us and make these sessions a success. I truly believe that each person gained some insight that they were able to take back to the offices and impact their processing for the positive.

SKYLINE and Anton Grows and Evolves With All Our Clients

Having worked in this industry for over twenty years and also having had the opportunity to work with the majority of our clients, we see how the organizations have changed. Some have grown and flourished expanding their staff, some have remained more constant managing a more consistent portfolio and some who were at their “height” have been consolidating assets. The constant in these years has been SKYLINE as the tool that has worked for them through all these changes. Although for the most part, the staffing and tool used has remained constant, it is important to note that SKYLINE itself has been evolving to meet all the challenges presented by this changing industry.

Partner Commitment

During our user sessions, we always start with introductions; it is truly amazing to note that the average for our SKYLINE clients is between five and seven years, with many clients having used SKYLINE for close to ten to fifteen years.
Although this fact is a “testament” to the success of SKYLINE, it is also a challenge. It is very easy for our users to fall into a routine, and “be busy being busy”, rather than to keep updated with the opportunities to improve processing efficiency. It is during these type of User Group sessions where there is the opportunity to look outside the “normal four walls” of the office and day to day processing, and be open to see new features and how they can save time and ultimately money.

Client Involvement

To assist in this process we invited clients in each of our sessions to share a feature or process that has impacted their business for the positive. Each person was able to relate how that one feature helped them and the enthusiasm they illustrated during these presentations was contagious! We sincerely thank Latonya, Miriela, Felicia, Maria and Susan for sharing their experiences!

Ongoing Education

We ended the day with a workshop session to take a “deeper dive” into features and processing. These sessions provided more of an educational approach as to how to implement and manage these new features.

Until Next Time

All in all – what a fantastic few weeks it was touring our “SKYLINE country” and meeting with you all! To further share this experience, we have included some customer feedback  from our Atlanta, Nashville and Tampa sessions below.


“Janet is very knowledgeable and great at answering my questions in detail”

“Kara was great, she gives the best practice info; seems to always be sure she answers all questions completely”

“Janet is still Great!”

“This a very informative and easy to comprehend seminar”

“Great Session! Thank you!”

“Kara is always great and informative”

“Great Job, Janet!”



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