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Take Control of Your Budget

Typically, during this time of year, most property managers start to prepare the budgets for the following year. If you have not yet started or are thinking of putting budgets in for the first time on your property portfolio, the task of collecting correct information from rent rolls, leases, expense clauses, expenditures and assumptions on those same items, as well as for lease fallout, increase in controllable and non-controllable expense and capital expenditures, can be an arduous task. Using SKYLINE Property Management Solution allows this information to be at the fingertips of the budget preparer—giving more time for review and requiring less time for data collection, thereby slicing time from the budget preparation process and allowing you to more easily take control of your budget.

Take Control of Your Budget with SKYLINE

SKYLINE has dual features to allow quick export to bring forward rent rolls, tenant charges, history, lease expiration, option renewal, additional rent clauses and more with the use of the SKYLINE Cumulus Financial Report Writer. Quickly bring together General Ledger, current and historical financial information using the Enhanced Budget feature. This feature will quickly create a new budget from the existing prior year for review and update with ease of use percentage or fixed number increase or decrease. See the prior budget or actual numbers for comparative values in a worksheet to allow review and change with notes and automated entry. This new feature allows quick changes of numbers originally projected that have been modified prior to implementation with the ease of a simple spreadsheet to quickly view, change and save. Now, management can quickly take charge of tenant and financial information, allowing additional time for more strategic management planning of the property for the upcoming year.

By: Anton Systems, Inc.

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