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SKYLINE Relationship Management

SKYLINE Property Management Software has a variety of useful resources to accomplish not only documentation of initial contact with the tenant, but also defines and documents steps for follow-up to ensure total customer satisfaction. Whether these objectives are Tenant build- out projects, Building maintenance items, Tenant violation issues or Property Event planning, all facets of the day to day customer relationship can be tracked, documented and alerted to ensure no step is missed.

Customer service is essential to guarantee results in the industry. A knowledgeable, skilled, individual is strategic in handling the initial contact for customer relationships. First contact will not guarantee results, if the follow up is not performed in a timely fashion. The Tenant Relationship Management and Property Relationship Management allows this initial contact to become a series of follow up events making sure the customer service objective comes to completion with satisfactory results for both Tenant and Landlord.

SKYLINE makes available for that busy individual to ensure that no step is missed or that initial contact is documented in a timely fashion allowing the individual next step plan of actions, timely scheduling for outside resources and time completion of any tenant or property event with the following features:

  • TRM – Tenant Relation Management allowing initial contact with predefined steps for completion, tenant violations with follow-up alert listings and emails or even planning notification for property wide events
  • PRM – Property Relation Management allowing defined planning for any event at the managed building
  • E-Communication allows streamlined merge notification with template letter format to one tenant or the entire property and seamlessly updates each record with documentation and next action follow up with critical dates
  • Email and Listing Alerts to ensure no date or objective “next step” is missedOur Tenants are the lifeblood of this industry, creating the income stream that allows maximized return on investments. A building, whether residential or commercial, with proven customer relationships will maintain years of steady income if properly managed.

Written by: Janet Cunningham

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