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Retain Residents with a Little Help

There is a lot of discussion around how best to attract and retain residents.  You want to draw in the people who take care of their units, are courteous and quiet and clean, have good credit scores and don’t come with trouble attached.  These people, though, have expectations of their own and their opinions begin to form the second that they see the property.  If it’s an apartment that’s in question then take the time and effort to spruce the place up before any showings, giving special attention to areas like the kitchen and bathroom where dirt and grime tend to accumulate (and will be noticed).  Be friendly and memorable (in a positive way) throughout the process so that you will stand out for the potential tenant when it comes time for them to make a decision.

A few quick and easy replacements within the unit can hook a resident at first visit.  For example, making sure that there will be a pleasant scent when the would-be renter visits the unit for the first time can make a huge difference.  Airing out the apartment by opening some of the windows, de-odorizing stinky areas (like inside the fridge), or plugging in a subtle-scented air freshener can keep the buyer from wrinkling his or her nose and running out of the building in disgust.  The rooms under most scrutiny will be the kitchen and bathroom(s), so take the time for appearances’ upkeep if only within that space.  If there is cracked caulking or leaky faucets in the bathroom and outdated appliances or ugly back splash in the kitchen, tenants will take notice.

Another important feature that can be easily forgotten in a showing is the lighting.  Having well-lit rooms (with sunlight, too, if possible) can make the difference between average and great.  Installing energy-efficient bulbs will allow for lower bills for you and your renters and can be a desirable feature to highlight, but make sure that the unit isn’t too shadowy in an effort to save.  Speaking of saving money; don’t assume older installations need to be replaced to be impressive.  If wood floors seem dingy and scratched, lemon or olive oil (not together and not in excess) can be used as natural, cheap cleaners to make the wood shine.  Microfiber cloths (also inexpensive) can be used to clean a dozen different surfaces, particularly more sensitive and dust-prone ones.

landlordResidents want to be safe within their potential new homes.  Check that door knobs and locks are functional so that you don’t hear from a miffed and concerned new tenant complaining about the risk soon after they move in.  Don’t forget that the outside of your property should be welcoming and free from danger, too; if there are not enough lights in common spaces, parking areas, elevators, and hallways, residents may find they like the unit itself, but feel insecure about the rest of the building.

To be the best property manager that you can be, it helps to be the most productive.  No other solution can do that for you as effectively as Anton Systems’ SKYLINE Property Management & Accounting Software.  When you have a program working for both you and your tenants, it makes it easier for everyone to end up happy and with business well-taken care of.  The design is simple, but thorough, organizing all of your properties in a convenient database that makes it easy for you to access information.  If you are on top of your work, then the professionalism shows.  Your tenants will thank you for being able to quickly and efficiently attend to their needs, retrieve records, or simply provide them with a smooth transition into your property.

SKYLINE software not only works well with different kinds of property management, but also can be tailored to your needs and daily functioning to make the entire process easier for you.  Let SKYLINE Prospect Management help to complete the move-in process, giving you fast access to details that you need before determining whether or not an applicant will work within your property.  It is also able to monitor the market in such a way that reflects relevant trends and information to help you make decisions that could improve the lives of your tenants, such as changing the interior to reflect design trends to keep your property appealing and modern.

First, work toward pleasing the people who view your available units by sprucing them up.  After your well-lit, clean, and visually appealing apartments draw in interested parties, you can move on to using SKYLINE Prospect Management tools to look into the history of proposed renters.  The software allows you to more quickly complete the approval process by providing all the information you need about those who’d like to invest in your properties.  The tenants will love the system, too, as its portal makes it easy for you to manage events and payments; the process becomes smoother for everyone involved so that things can be completely painless.  Happy residents means you have less stress all around.

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