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Rental Amenities to Include on Listings

If you have a rental property, then you may think you’re already doing the best job in marketing it that you possibly can. Or, maybe you think you could be doing a better job and aren’t sure how to proceed. The truth is that there are a number of rental amenities that you may not be promoting effectively, and if you start to do this, then you’ll see a big difference in your success!

Don’t Forget About Your Rental Amenities!

Many property managers write up descriptions for their rental postings and never return to them. That is, they never add in updates, change the language, feature new items that are on the property but weren’t originally. This is a big mistake! As your property grows and changes, you want that to be reflected in all listings to that your possible renters see an accurate write up of their next possible home or work space. Therefore, the first step here is to go over your listings, particularly if you’ve never updated them, and make sure to highlight rental amenities that weren’t previously present.

Outdoor areas can be viewed as “an extension of your rental” and should absolutely be included when you advertise your property in any capacity. Even if it’s just a small space like a patio with a handful of chairs, it’s worth playing up. No matter the size, it’s still a public space that your residents can relax in! Utilize “buzzwords” like “upscale, perfect for entertaining,” and “backyard haven,” for example, to really sell the value of this space. Now that it’s summertime, it’s more important than ever that people have an outdoor area to enjoy, so don’t miss the seasonal value!

You may have included it as a sort of footnote, but security features are huge to a lot of people. Is there a doorman, either full or part-time? Are there cameras? Front door security system? Whatever your building has, make sure to feature it. If you don’t have a high-tech system, then don’t worry! “Be sure to include information about other, less traditional security features,” such as “motion sensors” and “new windows.” The key to advertising these rental amenities is the language that you use, even if you don’t have big ticket items to show off. Sometimes, all people want to hear is that the locks on the doors and windows are sturdy. “Ultimately, you want to be able to say that all points of entry are secure.”

People want to stay connected. In this modern age of gadgets and screens, it’s almost safe to say that they need to stay connected. That’s why technology features are so important to renters. If you can offer any kind of technological gadget, such as smart home features or just public area Wifi, your renters will be thrilled. Otherwise, it may seem as if you aren’t ‘with the times’ and they may opt for a more ‘advanced’ location.

Being green and energy-conscious is a big one these days. “Upgrading windows,” for example, “doesn’t just make them safer; it also helps to keep heating and cooling costs low.” There are a lot of steps that you can take in order to present your building as one that offers eco-beneifts. Again, this goes a long way into making it appear as if you are environmentally-conscious and a player in the modern world. It also helps to save you money, as outdated equipment and appliances will drain money as they try and do their job without having been updated for years. In short, making these changes toward more green energy use will benefit everyone.

Finally, the list of rental amenities to highlight should include the benefits that come with your location. People “want to be able to get to work easily and go out with friends on the weekends.” If you don’t know your “walkability,” then you can find that score online… and so can possible renters.

The bottom line here is that you should highlight what you have an put an appealing spin on what you don’t. To get help with all of your property management needs while you focus on emphasizing your rental amenities, consider bringing SKYLINE Property Management & Accounting Software into your family of technologies. If you invest in SKYLINE software, then “you’ll always have property and financial management in one system with the freedom to add special features as your company grows or your needs change.”

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