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property management efficiencies

Put to Work a User Surge of Efficiency

Property management efficiencies can be greatly improved by collecting more relative customer data and then using it to engage more of your work force. For example, SS&C’s SKYLINE Property Management and Accounting solution is traditionally used by accounting teams to complete critical and time-sensitive management of tenant activities and ledgers, paying property invoices and producing financials for ownership. By simply collecting more lease information and including the property management team organizations within the loop of accounting activities you benefit from the following results:

  • Immediate access to more data, allowing users to proactively access critical information such as option dates, insurance expiration dates, etc.
  • Providing more users with the ability to use SKYLINE Document Management so actual leases can be linked to tenants and immediately accessed without touching physical files.
  • Using SKYLINE Lease Management so lease clauses can be tracked and analyzed without re-reviewing pages of leases each time a prospective tenant is being considered.
  • Maintaining continuity between management and accounting to eliminate and streamline data inefficiencies.

Taking a quick inventory of who is using SKYLINE and how they are using it ensures that your organization is netting the best return on its investment. For instance, if your system doesn’t include your facilities management team you are greatly underutilizing the systems capabilities.SKYLINE already has all the properties, units, occupants and ability to charge tenants if needed, and can process invoices from contractors.

Extending SKYLINE to include facilities management functionality simplifies the handling of your work orders and the management of your property’s fixed assets. Key results include:

  • Automating the work order process via managing requests and dispatching service providers.
  • Ability to provide maintenance request status information in almost “real time” to both accounting and property management.
  • Streamlined and integrated processing, eliminating redundant entry.

SKYLINE has grown from a traditional accounting tool to being the core platform application of many successful property management businesses. The next question you should be asking is: How can SKYLINE simplify and improve the end-to-end results of my business?

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