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Property Team Requirements for Group Success

Many property managers work within a property team rather than acting alone. This has a huge number of benefits, considering that you get the aid of others in the field in addition to your own know-how. “A great team results from broad delegation, independent decision-making in coordination with a well understood and a cohesive plan.” Can you make this claim about yourself and the management group in which you function?

How Best to Work as a Property Team

In order to be as successful as possible, you want to put together a group of people who balance each other out. You want each member to bring their own strengths and experiences to the table so that you can both be as successful within your business as possible and make tenants and renters as happy as possible. These can prove to be more difficult goals than you might think, though, which is why forming a solid team is such a crucial move.

At the beginning, it may not seem as if you’ve assembled ‘the dream team.’ That’s okay; building trust certainly takes time, as does figuring out how each person functions within the group. No matter how talented the individuals are, you need to allow the time it takes for everyone to figure out how to work well within the greater whole. This is where your success as a property team will really begin to develop. Something that is important to remember from beginning to end is “that consistency of quality is more important than a moment of perfection,” which means that a regular practice of work that may seem tedious is the way to success. It may not seem exciting, but it will bring positive results.

Part of this means that those on a property team must engage in frequent collaboration. Whether they are offering one another feedback on work performance or brainstorming a way to solve an issue in the building, these sessions are absolutely necessary. It also helps everyone to be on the same page to avoid misunderstandings and errors going forward. Since everyone on the team is in the business together, it’s in each of their best interests to support one another and to do the best job possible.

Pleasing tenants or renters is not the result of carrying out a secret formula. Humans as a rule are finicky with their emotions and can be wildly unpredictable in whether or not they will be pleased with results. “The best measure of satisfaction is… a continuum of measures taken over a broad span of time and circumstance.” It isn’t as simple as a single action on a single day. You and your team need to work at it every day in order to produce the best results and to receive the kind of positive feedback that you surely want for yourself and the others who work at your side. It can be discouraging if you have some uncomfortable moments along the way in which the people in your building are less than pleased with something, but that isn’t the end of the world. Not by far.

One of the most important concepts within your tenant/renter interactions, as a property manager, is building trust with those people. You want them to feel as if they can call on you with any and all issues and that they will count on you to help them in a timely and effective way. Without this sense of honesty and reliance, you won’t do as well as you could. Since this endeavor is made easier by the efforts of the others you work with, it makes all the more sense to strengthen your property team over time in order to please the people that you work for.

“Encourage collaboration, broad delegation, and shared responsibility through a solid year-long plan.” It may not sound easy, but, again, it isn’t something that will happen overnight. If you want your property team to function as a strong and solid unit, then everyone involved will have to work at it. Part of that will mean managing the finger details of your business, though this can be made easier with the use of a property management software such as SKYLINE. This system will help you and your team to get on top of your work by managing all of your information in an easy-to-use, but powerful database. Whatever kind of property you manage, if you make SKYLINE a part of your team, you will see serious results.

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