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It's Time For Spring Cleanup

It’s Time for Spring Cleanup

Ah, spring in much of the U.S. has finally arrived. The snow has largely melted. The smell of hyacinths fills the air. And the sounds of spring abound: birds chirping, leaf blowers blowing, chain saws roaring, weed whackers purring.

Mary Girsch-Bock, writing on PropertyManagement.com, reminds us that “those long months of rain and snow can take their toll on even the most pristine properties.” She offers some suggestions “to rid your properties of the last signs of winter, and spring into the season with some color and style:”

• Remove dead branches that have fallen due to excessive moisture or snowfall. Besides being a major eyesore, they’re a potential liability to both residents and employees. This is also a great time to trim trees and bushes.
• Plant some trees. New trees in strategic spots can increase curb appeal. They also help to provide shade in key areas of the complex, as well as a more appealing environment for your residents.
• Plant some flowers. Nothing is more attention-getting than a burst of color around the entrance and property signage. Adding a few rose bushes around the leasing office provides a quick burst of color, with limited upkeep needed.
• Update aged and weathered signs. A colorful new sign surrounded by spring blooms can often pay better dividends than advertising.
• Consider adding a barbeque area or gazebo to encourage residents to get outside and enjoy the property.
• Clean up your buildings. Well-tended landscaping will serve little purpose if the buildings themselves look neglected. Add a fresh coat of paint or power-wash the complex.
• Don’t forget the leasing office or community clubhouse. Clean the carpets, polish the floors, and paint those dirty walls. Add some new artwork or plants to brighten up the interior.

spring cleanup
A few quick fixes can spruce up your property this spring.

Hopefully, the warmer weather and the sounds of spring cleanup aren’t what finally jarred you and your maintenance team into action. You would have sprung into action a lot sooner if you had automated your spring cleanup projects through a software solution like Anton System’s SKYLINE Facilities Maintenance and Work Order Processing Module.

The system helps property management firms reduce costs and increase efficiency by automating and accelerating the entire maintenance process while providing full integration for end-to-end accountability.

The module enables property managers to easily create detailed work orders and schedule and track routine preventive maintenance tasks. The module dispatches both in-house and contracted service calls and records and tracks all job activity, including time and material expenses.

Managers can submit work order requests electronically via the Internet through the customizable webwork request portal to multiple technicians and vendors. Once the order is completed, the system identifies whether the job needs to be billed to the resident or the property owner.

It includes a color-coded weekly work order schedule and calendar with detailed drill down into each work order. An analytical time/cost report with statistical details and metrics by unit, vendor and task helps to eliminate duplicate expenses and overhead costs. By using the system, managers and owners can create custom reports to analyze costs, including budget versus actual data and historical details.

But the software solution is only part of the Anton package. While thousands of property managers come to us for the industry’s most respected real estate software, our customer service, training and support ensure you get the most out of it.

That’s because we employ advanced SKYLINE certified technicians with more than 25 years of real estate and property management experience as well as thorough knowledge of the SKYLINE product. We not only know the business, we know how to utilize technology to make it easier to manage.

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