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Flooring Options to Reface Old Units

With so much on your mind as a landlord, you may not often give a lot of thought to the flooring within your units.  Even if you have, you know that there are a lot of considerations when making a choice, including “cost, durability, ease of cleaning, and resiliency to wear and tear.”  How can a landlord successfully navigate this variety of flooring options and choose not what he or she might want, but what is best for the property and the business?

Invest in Knowledge of Flooring Options

To begin, there should be a solid understanding of the available options and what their benefits and drawbacks are.  Obviously, you would only need to be wondering about changing out floors if you’re renovating or remodeling, so you should at least have the old floors as a model to see how that material has stood the test of time… and fared against its residents.  Also keep in mind that the floors are not only for show; they make a difference in noise levels, comfort, resale value, and safety.

rp_x_0_0_0_7037579_800.jpg Like many people right now, your first thought might be to install hardwood floors across the board.  They look classic, but elegant, aren’t too stiff on your feet, last for a long time, and are moisture-resistant.  However, they’re also easily scratched by, say, the nails of a pet, and needs to be carefully cleaned so that a damaging, chemical product isn’t used on the surface.  These are too detrimental points, though, so keep hardwood at the top of your list when exploring your flooring options.

Similar, though with a few crucial differences, is engineered hardwood.  This alternative “has less acoustic challenges” than true hardwood and doesn’t have as high a price, but it still comes with most of the benefits.  Like other flooring options, it stands up well to time and minor damage, it’s visually appealing, and isn’t difficult to clean and maintain.

Simple, easily-installed and comfortable, carpet is a quick pick for many.  It muffles sound, which is a big benefit in close quarters, and provides a little extra warmth for feet in the colder months.  The difficulty with carpet comes in its propensity to retain a number of things, including liquid, animal hair and dander, dirt, and other particles.  Particularly if it’s in a well-traveled room, this old favorite can be worn down quickly and become faded and dirty.

One of the more expensive flooring options is tile.  It’s traditionally laid out in rooms like kitchens or bathrooms where there is a lot of water, since liquid isn’t absorbed by tiles.  Besides having a lot of options for color and style, it’s a breeze to clean this type of floor, which is always a bonus to busy renters (and landlords).  Unfortunately, though perhaps not surprisingly, tile can be very cold and are obviously fairly hard and can therefore be tough on feet.

Vinyl can work in a lot of ways that are similar to tile, minus the bigger expense.  It’s placed in similar areas, being water-resistant, and it also has a little give to it, making it somewhat softer beneath your feet.  Unfortunately, because it’s a little cheaper, it can be discolored if exposed to certain materials, won’t necessary boost resale value, and may be punctured more easily.  As modern flooring options go, vinyl hasn’t been a hugely popular contender.

Finally, as a sort of medium between all these flooring options, there is laminate.  As a landlord, you want to go for quality, but not at an enormous cost, to present your units in the best light, but without breaking the bank.  Laminate has a sort of luxurious sheen to it and has become highly popular while remaining affordable.

You can handle the details of redesigning the units on your property, and in the meantime, let Anton Systems give your efficiency a boost with one of our many software solutions offerings.  From SKYLINE Property Management and Accounting to Budgetrac Real Estate Development, Anton Systems has the variety to provide you with the guidance you need to make business easier than ever.  We provide custom solutions that can make you the most productive landlord in town.

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