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Fall Maintenance to Prepare for Upcoming Seasons

It’s now officially fall, or autumn. The leaves are changing colors and falling, the air is cool, and the grass is browning, just to name a few signs of the season. Each comes with its own list of property maintenance that you should undertake, so consider the following fall maintenance tips in order to keep things running smoothly as we approach winter.

How Fall Maintenance Can Prepare Your Property

If you have much landscaping at all on your property, then you should start to consider the state of the grass. “The preparation for a green lawn begins when you know that your grass has stopped growing,” and the grass has definitely stopped growing at this point. In order for it to look its best in the spring, you have to take steps now to ensure its future health. Part of that is “considering the soil.” How would you say the lawn (or grassy areas) fared in the past year? If things were fine, then you want to keep up the same routine as last fall. However, if it was drier or worse-off than you’d like, you should make some changes to get it vibrant and healthy again. For example, if the pH is out of whack, then you already have a big problem toward grass growth.

If the soil is all right, then move on to checking out the state of the grass itself. There are a lot of considerations as to what you should do to your grass this time of year, and depending on the climate one of those things might be to seed the lawn now. Again, though, this is variable depending on where you live and on the soil’s chemistry, above, so it may be best to get in touch with a professional and to get a recommendation before taking action. This is the easiest way to ensure you’ll have a healthy lawn when spring rolls around!

Though fall maintenance is more the expertise of your maintenance crew, it’s good to have a property manager thinking about these things, too. As such, make sure that you speak with them about some other tips to get things into shape before snow falls. For example, scanning the outdoors and making sure it is weed-free and thoroughly raked are good ways to keep the ground underneath healthy as it gets cold. Also, if you determine that you should be planting grass seed at this time, then make sure you go about it the right way. There is rhyme and reason to this process, and if your team doesn’t have a lot of experience with it, then you may want to call in an outside resource.

“If you have bushes or trees in the yard, they probably need to be trimmed.” Pruning is a crucial part of tree care and shouldn’t be overlooked within your fall maintenance and preparation. Don’t forget about evergreens, either: they may stay alive through the winter, but they can still get dry and damaged if they aren’t provided with adequate hydration. If you overlooked any greenery during this process, then you may have to do some removal once it all thaws out and you realize that there has been damage.

Finally (and moving beyond the landscaping alone), don’t forget that there are a number of holidays coming up in both the autumn and winter, and you can utilize their themes to boost your curb appeal. Don’t forget to add decorations outside and around the exterior of the property in order to take advantage of the season. Make it inviting and seasonal with things door decorations, potted plants, updated flower beds, and much more. You can get ideas for similar things with a simple web search, so give it a try and see what will work the best for your property!

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