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Everybody into the pool!

Everybody into the Pool!

It’s probably too early in many parts of the U.S. to start pool season, but it’s definitely not too early to start planning for it.

“At least once per year, properties should have all of their pools inspected to ensure compliance with the appropriate federal, state and local requirements,” wrote Tim Blackwell on PropertyManagementInsider.com. “Waiting too long to get it done and flunking could get a property all wet with its residents.”

So, don’t wait until temperatures warm up. The time to get ready is now. You don’t want to find out you failed your inspection just before pool season opens on Memorial Day weekend. Waiting too long can be costly, not to mention what it would do to tenant satisfaction.

“12% of pools nationwide get shut down because of serious violations.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data, about 12 percent of pools nationwide get shut down because of serious violations, Blackwell reported. Most failed because of inferior disinfectant levels that can cause recreational water illnesses.

Pool inspections can fail not just because the chemistry is off, but because the chemical testing wasn’t properly documented. Inspectors also want to make sure fences and enclosures, including gates, meet codes.

Here are the five main areas inspectors check when determining if a pool or spa is fit for use:

1. Proper water chemistry: This includes testing chlorine, alkalinity, P.H., calcium, cyanuric and phosphorous levels, as well as detecting visible algae and determining water clarity.
2. Pool and spa equipment: The operating system must be fit to ensure proper water flow and suction. Check the filter, vacuum and pressure gauges, flow meters and valves.
3. Spa and pool safety: Pools and spas must have adequate handrails, working drains and properly functioning returns. All drain covers should be in place, and none should be broken or missing parts. An emergency phone or call device should be located nearby.
4. General safety around the pool: Make sure there is appropriate safety equipment such as ring buoys, reaching poles and depth markers for swimmers. Fences and enclosures must be the proper height and gates should latch. Check deck and plaster conditions.
5. Proper signage: Signs including lifeguard status, pool capacities, rules, shutoff locations, phone location and whether or not diving is allowed should be clearly posted around the pool area. A 911 sign should also be clearly visible.

pool safety
Make sure your residents stay safe in the pool this season.

SKYLINE Property Management Solution for Residential and Multi-Family Properties from Anton Systems makes it easier to stay on top of both routine, scheduled maintenance, like pool inspections and preparation, and surprise, unscheduled repairs.

Property managers can easily create detailed work orders and schedule and track routine preventive maintenance tasks. The system dispatches both in-house and contracted service calls and records and tracks all job activity, including time and material expenses.

SKYLINE also includes a facilities maintenance and work order processing function that enables tenants to submit requests online.

In fact, plenty of property management software systems do all these things well. The problem is that many users haven’t been adequately trained on how to use their systems, so they go underutilized or not used at all. That’s a lot of money down the drain.

That won’t happen when you get SKYLINE from Anton Systems. Property managers come to us for the industry’s most respected real estate software, but our customer service, training and support ensure you get the most out of it.

Anton employs advanced SKYLINE certified technicians with more than 25 years of real estate and property management experience as well as thorough knowledge of the SKYLINE product. So not only do we know the business, we know how to utilize technology to make it easier to manage.

We’ll help you evaluate and define your needs, then implement a solution that fits. We’ll then train your team on how to use SKYLINE, then provide ongoing expert support that enables your people and your system to work together flawlessly.

Then you can kick back in the pool and relax.

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