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Don’t Put That Feature on HOLD

Whether you are new to SKYLINE Property Management Software or are an experienced user, we all get comfortable in what we know, sometimes ignoring the new features that come with our releases on an annual basis. What if one of those features would actually “open” doors internally with additional user entry and allow critical individuals who travel from property to property the ability to have their questions answered at their fingertips. Would this not be a valid reason to explore the benefits, implement and reap the reward of this feature?

Recently I sat through a web demonstration on the SKYLINE Property Management Dashboard. Of the attendees, none were aware of the Dashboard and of course, if you are not aware, odds are you do not have it installed. I asked myself how this could be in a time where the “WEB” is the most important aspect of our lives. My conclusion was that the SKYLINE users are either not aware of the feature that comes with their software or that they are not aware of the many benefits that this feature can provide both to them personally and their company.

Let’s explore a few reasons why you should put your SKYLINE Web Dashboard to work for you. You own it, it is easy to install and implements in minutes. Let’s get educated on why this feature is so beneficial for use today!

• You have individuals in the office that need to look up tenant information but don’t really interact with SKYLINE – All this information is easily accessible with The SKYLINE Dashboard which (by the way) does not take away a user count on your SKYLINE license.
• Leasing and Brokerage need display material for their presentations to new interests – The SKYLINE Web Dashboard has full graphical and chart displays and allows full presentation with pictures of the buildings, units and tenant spaces along with the ability to customize your company logo and interact with pantone colors.
• You have multiple owners to release reporting to on a monthly basis – The Skyline Dashboard is a great portal for owner, investor or management entry. Push your monthly reporting one time to the Dashboard location – every owner, investor or manager has access in an instant. And the reporting can stay there for as long as you deem necessary – allowing history financials available if owners or investors need to access.
• The company Property Managers are out in the field all the time but require information about tenants as they go from building to building – The Skyline Dashboard is available for viewing via a tablet, laptop, workstation or smart device. With one touch on your device you are on the live data of SKYLINE and able to review Tenant information such as lease dates, phone numbers, addresses, tenant history and more.
• The SKYLINE Dashboard is customizable with the use of the “My Dashboard” feature. This feature allows each unique login the capability of user friendly setup of charts and graphs for just the information that is beneficial to the user.
• We know that SKYLINE Property Management’s security is already robust – but with the SKYLINE Web Dashboard there is another user definable layer to make sure your data stays where you wish for it to stay – don’t want the ability to export your rent rolls – simply shut down the feature for the user. And all logins are controlled from within SKYLINE so no need to administer two locations.

SS&C’s SKYLINE Dashboard, allows SKYLINE to be “right by my side” whether walking properties, at the coffee shop or sitting at your desk, all your critical information regardless of the question is easily accessible for quick view and solution. Take a moment to review if you have this valuable feature installed on your server. Perhaps now is a good time to ask “Why not?”

For information on SKYLINE Property Management Software, please contact Mark Ziemba at 312-443-7531 or mziemba@sscinc.com, or download a brochure that highlights the features and benefits of SKYLINE.
By: Anton Systems, Inc.
A Florida-based preferred SKYLINE partner.

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