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Boost Occupancy with SEO Efforts

Most properties will have vacancies every so often. Even a reasonably-priced building in a great location may have some units empty due to certain circumstances. However, you don’t want to leave these empty for long, considering the cost to you and your business as a manager. While you work out exactly what can be done to draw in new tenants or residents, consider new digital marketing strategies to boost occupancy on your property.

What Can You Do to Boost Occupancy?

Online marketing is bigger now than ever before, with  modern technology and strategies developing more and more every day. If you are having a difficult time filling the vacancies in your building, then it may be time to reassess your current technique on the web. If you haven’t been utilizing the internet in order to accomplish this, then you’re missing out on a huge boon to your business.

Some of the issues that you’re having may include “having strong competition or a newly constructed building to lease up.” These are two more common problems, but they certainly aren’t the only ones that you may be facing. Luckily, whatever the case, it’s within your ability to turn around these efforts to boost occupancy so that you’re no longer losing money as a result of a vacancy.

It will take time for things to turn around, considering that online efforts tend to have a ripple effect, but if you do them  right, they will have an effect. Taking action with (possibly) delayed results is better than no action at all. To begin, explore why it’s so important for you to rank on Google and how you go about doing this if your site can’t be found. That is, when people search for your type of building in your area, you want to come up as close to the top as possible! The common joke is that the best place to hide something is on the second page of Google, meaning that if you aren’t up there with your website, you won’t easily be found. More than that, your competitors will get the attention that you want and need if they are ranked more highly.

So, how do you go about changing this? It involves search engine optimization, or SEO work. “Great SEO will help move your website and ads higher up on the search engine results page, ensuring that leads discover you.” The higher you are ranked, the more people will come to your site, and the more traffic you will receive as a result. The more people come to your site, the more likely you are to get business… that is, to fill that vacancy before too much time has passed.

Another situation that could be hurting you is a lack of relevant/current information about your property online. “If leads can’t find you on such well-known sites, they might doubt whether you’re worth looking into,” so make sure that you include your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, and other pertinent facts on everything from your Facebook to Yelp. It certainly can’t hurt you to have this data uploaded, and though it might take some time, it will undoubtedly help you to boost occupancy before too long. Know also that information about your property may appear online without your having entered it. This is fine unless it’s inaccurate, in which case you need to make the edits yourself or contact whoever manages the site to have it changed or removed.

Something you might not considered is the mobile status of your site. Is it mobile-friendly? You can easily check, as Google will tell you with a quick test. If not, it’s fairly easy to adjust your design and layout so that it works with Google’s standards. The better-looking your site is on mobile, the more likely people are going to access it; more people than ever are using phones and tablets to browse the web. If you corner that large market, then you’ll have a wider audience who can then fill the vacancies.

“Getting more leads isn’t your only goal: You want to make sure those leads convert into satisfied, long-term residents.” To boost your occupancy, you have to take a number of steps. Utilizing technology is only one part of that, but it’s a crucial one. Additionally, you can introduce a software system like SKYLINE Property Management and Accounting Software to help your property management efforts even more than ever. Give it a try and find out why modern means are so successful in boosting business!

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