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Attract Families to Your Rental Property

If, for whatever reason, you are aiming to attract families to your rental property, then there are a few things you should know. The most important is that you don’t actually have to change your strategy very much in order to appeal to this group, though there are certainly a few things that you will have to do differently. So, what are they?

Steps to Take to Attract Families as Renters

Something that you want to consider when trying to attract families to your rental property is that they really value accessibility. They come and go quickly, schedules changing at the drop of a hat, more out of routine than most other groups who might be renting from you. That’s why these people are looking for “how accessible your property is to retail stores, restaurants, and other popular destinations.” Also, they (and most people, really) will want to know what the commute is like from their home to work, so make sure to highlight nearby transit and other such features so that they know exactly what to expect.

Something that may be obvious is that most renters are concerned with safety, particularly those with children. Make sure to stress the safety element, such as a low crime rate, the presence of security systems and other features in your building, the distance to local law enforcement, and so on. To attract families, you have to appear to be in a neighborhood that is safe for children. Don’t lie to these potential renters, but obviously only stress safety features if they are more positive than negative.

“The cost of food is a significant factor for all renters, especially parents, who want to provide for their children without spending an arm and a leg.” Can you advertise that there is a low-cost grocery store nearby? What about more high-end locales, like Whole Foods? You likely won’t know what their preferences are, so list all available grocers within walking, or short transit, distance within your pitch. Also, do the same for restaurants and other eateries; nobody wants to cook every day, particularly those who are balancing the busy lifestyles of parents with children.

Anyone would be excited to hear that they’re getting a great deal. If your property falls within a neighborhood known for its affordability, then present this information to the prospective renter. Whatever the cost of the unit is, you want to make sure to express the ‘bang for their buck,’ or the real value that they could receive if they choose to rent from you.

It’s no surprise that part of what will attract families to your rental property is the availability of green space. People like to be able to spend time outdoors, especially in the summer, and they’ll be thrilled if you have some kind of outdoor area for them to utilize. If you want them to stay long-term, or if they’re looking to stay long-term, then they’re especially going to want this kind of place for kids and pets to enjoy. Some features that you can add to accomplish this are bits of playground equipment, if you have the space for them (like a swing set) and a fenced-in area. The latter is useful for keeping both children and pets safe and contained, especially if you’re in a more urban area with lots of traffic nearby. It’s not difficult to imagine why potential renters might want outdoor space. Wouldn’t you?

“If you want to attract families to your rental properties, you’ll need to do more than make the right upgrades and post the right information.” You have to find these people first and get them to your property for them to even consider it. This is where SKYLINE Property Management and Accounting Software can really step in to help. SKYLINE is a fully integrated and powerful property management and accounting system that can aid you in your organization and management of all your property information. This includes prospects, leases, data, documents, maintenance and reports, all of which are contained in a central system and database. What more could you ask for from a property management software?

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