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Real Estate Development Software Needs

Time is of the essence when it comes to a new real estate development project- and time is money. Real estate developers need to balance their time between meetings, calls with lenders and vendors, handling project management on multiple deals, across multiple stages, hunting down project emails. using calendars and spitting out Excel spreadsheets to manage project costs, and so much more. Finding the right software solution can help to lessen this burden. And Budgetrac’s Real Estate Development software is the perfect solution for managing time for the real estate developer.

A Perfect Solution for the Busy Developer

There are many choices for software available, but mostly it’s geared towards construction companies. Since a real estate developer’s needs differ from other types of construction companies, their software needs to be different as well. Budgetrac is a cloud-based, comprehensive Real Estate Development software created specifically for real estate developers. It was designed for small to large scale development projects and portfolios, and delivers a level of innovation and functionality while allowing the developer to manage their business efficiently- while reducing risk.

Real-Time Reporting Eases Frustration

Most commercial real estate commitments require some forms of financial projections or pro formas. Budgetrac automates multiple budget iterations and commitments tracking (Contractsand PO’s) and provides real-time reporting on budgets, commitments, costs and most importantly ‘cost at completion’ – at any point in the project’s life cycle. These key real estate development features in Budgetrac makes it far more useful than other generic real estate software. To ease the frustration that most other software packages cause during implementation, Budgetrac’s Setup and Workflow wizards simplify the new and recurring processes, which facilitates the handling of all aspects of a project, from pre-development cost, project construction and final funding.

The Best in Real Estate Development Software

An important part of project control, for the real estate developer, involves managing both fundings and income. Budgetrac’s easy to use Loan Draw module controls all aspects of the funding process, including loan draws, capital contributions and equity tracking. Loan Draw’s
unique design meets the reporting requirements for each lender, yet maintains an internal standard set of cost codes. This allows the developer to provide the customized draw documents to the lender with the click of a mouse. A robust reporting section and a dynamic developer KPI dashboard provides all the information needed for all projects- with the ability to easily export that information to Excel.

Complete, Integrated Accounting System

There’s also no need to use different software packages to keep track of costs or payments; Budgetrac is a complete, integrated accounting system. It also has a built-in CRM feature which enables the real estate developer to instantly send notifications and alerts to internal team
members, as well as email vendors and lenders. These integrated features greatly reduce the time a developer needs to pull up financials, or follow-up on a vendor check.

Management of time and finances are a real estate developer’s greatest needs. Having a comprehensive software, like Budgetrac, to help manage the day-to- day operations of the development process save time- and of course, money.


Choose the right partner

It’s important to consider the right partner for you when starting the real estate development process: this is where Anton Systems comes in. We’ll help you set up an end-to-end solution so that you can be sure you’re using the best technology available for the job. We can help you with systems implementation and integration, expert software training, efficient HelpDESK support, and professional consulting. Our expertise spans commercial, residential and retail property management and development, and we proudly support, train and assist new and current users of real estate development software, so just let us know where we can be of service.

Contact Anton Systems

If you’re looking for property software and solutions to make your professional day-to-day even easier, then get in touch with our real estate management and property development experts. We’re happy to speak with you about any aspects of our services or offered products. From strategy through support, our team is your team!

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