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Property Accounting Software Prevents Disaster

Keeping up to date with project, property and tenant insurance has never been more important. Disasters can happen anytime- as we’ve seen recently after the hurricanes that have devastated the southern part of the US- and making sure that those policies are current and readily accessible are easily handled by having the right property accounting software.

What Property Accounting Software Are You Currently Using?

Budgetrac project and property management software meets the needs for both project managers and property managers with instant access to their project, property and tenant insurance policies. Budgetrac’s proprietary software feature lets users know when an insurance policy- for the physical structure, vendor, or customers- is set to expire or already has. System wide alerts are sent automatically when a policy is set to lapse with 30 days’ notice- these alerts can also be customized for other lengths, such as 60/ 90 days or even further out. Processing Vendors invoices or payments whose policies have passed are also flagged prior to any entry. Viewing the actual policy is also made easy by going to either the Project, Vendor, Property or Lease where electronic copies are kept- and the past history of all insurance policies are also stored.

Running a business with all of the day to day operation headaches are only compounded when disaster strikes. Knowing your business is covered for any potential losses can help alleviate the stress and get you back up and running faster. Budgetrac project and property management software reduces the risk of missing out on insurance claims.

If you want recommendations on particular types of software, or if you need training in your current property accounting software, then get in touch with our property management and real estate development experts. We’re happy to speak with you about any aspects of our services or offered products. From strategy through support, our team is your team!

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