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Why Real Estate Developers Choose Acumatica Real Estate Development Accounting for Their Organization

Acumatica Real Estate Development Accounting Software was created specifically to meet the needs of real estate development project management and is the only real estate software in the marketplace that handles the complete life cycle of assets from predevelopment to disposition, and everything in-between.

The primary difference between Acumatica and other real estate development products in the marketplace is that Acumatica is a full-blown multi-entity accounting package which incorporates project management along with development tools, workflows and reporting. Development is a very complex business, and you need a solution that simplifies the process yet comprehensive enough to address all aspects of your operations.

Other development software products in the industry rely on a secondary accounting solution which complicates and often requires multiple entries to achieve results. Acumatica increases efficiency in that transactions can be entered one time (i.e., an invoice) and that one transaction will be reflected in payables as on invoice to pay, in project costing as a cost to manage and applicable for loan draw process – negating the need for duplicate/triplicate entry and possible data entry errors causing report differences.

Acumatica Real Estate Development Accounting Software aligns teams around centralized, up-to-date project information, keeping projects on track and minimizing risk. The ability to manage project costs and, through the single-point entry, know the exact status of a project from budget to committed/contracted costs to actual costs to date coupled with the ability to factor in forecasted changes is always “seeing” a more accurate view of the estimated completion costs.

Acumatica project reports provide a unique calculation of the ‘Cost at Completion’, even when the project is in its early stages.  This reduces risk, since throughout the life of the project, the true cost is displayed. And because Acumatica is a robust accounting package, the back office financial reporting provides multi-entity accounting along with departments and sub-accounts.

Having successfully implemented software for hundreds of clients, Anton Systems has gained solid knowledge and real-world practical experience with Real Estate Development organizations and Property Managers of all sizes.

To achieve trust and transparency with customers, Anton Systems performs a detailed organizational discovery and provides an implementation plan that starts with a kickoff that allows all team members to get acquainted with the software. This procedure and all the subsequent software training is recorded for future use.


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