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3 Trends in Land Development Software

These trends can assist you in being more competitive and adaptable, which will help to future-proof your business model.


Big Data and Predictive Analysis


Business intelligence has become an indisputable necessity in multiple industries, so why should real estate development be any different?

Massive amounts of data have accumulated as a result of ongoing technological development. The majority of these isolated data points are not very helpful. However, with the right tools, and custom reports, you can look for new patterns and trends rather than merely relying on past information.

Utilizing all this data and a predictive analysis model will assist in identifying trends based on financial return, capacity, and preference to forecast future land development projects. This makes it possible for you to identify prime opportunities and increase overall profitability for the organization. Additionally, you can refine the data to assist finding projects that are better suited to a potential client.


Cloud Software


The real estate land development business is more mobile than some other business models. The developer must always be on the move – visiting current projects and potential development sites. It is also a relationship-driven sector, so priority must be given to team collaboration and client communication.

Land development is the perfect business to benefit from cloud computing solutions.

Cloud computing provides the organization with access to the system from anywhere and from any device. Companies can enjoy an updated and real-time view of their synchronized data along with extensive analytical capabilities. The outcome is that it keeps the organization connected and updated on projects, cost to project completion, change orders or any potential contingencies.

Cloud computing also enhances the scalability of your land development company. Since everything is in the cloud, you can move and expand your business to wherever you like. In the same way, remote working or onboarding new employees is also very easy with an internet connection.


Artificial Intelligence


AI uses the power of today’s computer systems to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), developers can analyze a wealth of data and information quickly and offer more strategic guidance than ever before.

AI can also increase productivity for your organization. Mundane accounting tasks such as accounts payable can easily be automated now with software technology. This technology automates accounting workflows to improve operational efficiency and cash flow.

Easily capture invoice data (using OCR and AI/ML) from scanned paper, e-mails or electronic documents. AI automatically categorizes and codes invoices to General Ledger accounts including classes, departments, locations and also gives you the ability to add custom accounts.

As a whole, artificial intelligence is transforming all aspects of business technology today.


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