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real time reporting for real estate developers

How Real Estate Developers can use Real-time Reporting to Gain a Competitive Edge

Most companies struggle to pinpoint the reasons behind declining productivity, rising costs, or stagnant growth. Many deploy analytical tools in search of big data, gleaning some insights but rarely enough to immediately diagnose operational issues, identify trends, and spot opportunities. 

Real Estate Development Accounting powered by Acumatica combines the power of an award-winning financial platform with all the necessary reporting tools and a customizable reporting engine to present real-time company health analysis and personalized key performance indicators (KPIs) on each user’s homepage. 

Users can automatically retrieve the information they need to thrive. No-code/low-code report development lets them point and click their way to creating personalized dashboards and an array of dynamic reports. They can rely on dashboards to find critical tasks and priorities and automated alerts to keep tasks moving.  

Pulling from a single unified development software solution, the reports put every team member on the same page with a single version of organizational truth while using role-based access to secure data.  

Our solution powered by Acumatica helps leaders ascertain company health at any time by presenting at-a-glance views of real-time reports, charts, and dashboards. In addition to accessing mission-critical information and personalized KPIs, users can investigate issues and initiate action from the report. For example, they can analyze core criteria from multiple perspectives, drill down to understand underlying sources, and initiate tasks in response. 


Empower Strategic Decisions 


Virtually every department relies on technology to automate processes. But most fail to exploit its full value. Unless organizations can gather and analyze real-time insights from each system, they will miss vital opportunities to address problems and advance goals.  

To continually track projects, organizations must pull financial and project data from numerous (paper and electronic) sources and develop various business reports. Still, integrating diverse financial systems does not guarantee organizations will have meaningful insights at their fingertips.  


Financial and Operational Transparency  


With our real estate development solution, organizations gain an end-to-end view of operations and activity. Dashboards present a wide array of vital information, including advanced financial features for deferred and recurring revenue, budgets, project accounting, contract or policy management, billing, asset depreciation, and payroll. 


One Version of the Financial Truth  


In addition to consolidating all transactions and financial data across multiple projects and business entities, our solution powered by Acumatica ensures users have real-time access to one version of the financial truth. 


Tailoring Reports to Advance Goals and Gain Competitive Advantage 


Real Estate Development Accounting powered by Acumatica surpasses traditional accounting systems by personalizing intelligence reporting for each user. Users can decide how they want to monitor relevant financial, operational, and organizational information. With multiple reports or a consolidated dashboard on their homepage, they can instantly view standard reports to analyze real-time trends and KPIs specific to their role or design reports to match their preferences. Personalized reports help users view historical information, identify performance trends, calculate risks, and seize opportunities. Drill-down capabilities let them understand contributing factors.  

Users can choose report formats to match their priorities without creating or adjusting code. They can select a bar chart to track project progress, a pivot table to analyze revenue numbers from different angles, and pie charts to view other data. They can even elect business tiles to understand multiple elements simultaneously. 

If users cannot easily generate reports that advance their business objectives, they will abandon the reporting system. Finance leaders need on-demand reports that help them keep up with cash flow, outstanding balances, and projected revenue and let them drill down for details. Without them, they risk financial chaos and turn to manual research for help. Our robust solution and reporting tools simplify report creation and equip teams with what they need to rapidly respond to evolving demands.  




The answers to a company’s most pressing challenges are often buried within mounds of data scattered throughout its financial and information technology systems. To uncover them, organizations must collect and transform high volumes of data into meaningful insights that provide a live window into their operations. 

But finding the right answers alone will not promote profitability. Organizations must make complex data digestible at first glance. If not, they cannot seize growth opportunities or proactively resolve hidden problems.  

Our real estate development solution delivers the information companies need to grow revenue, control expenses, and make innovative decisions every day. By combining a best-in-class cloud financial platform with reports designed specifically for developers plus a customizable, reporting system, we can aggregate and convert vast amounts of raw data into mission-critical insights.  

Gain greater insights and accelerate decision-making with reporting tools that deliver customized views of the business. Keep top priorities and responsibility in front of each user by pushing multiple KPIs, pending tasks, and reports on their home dashboard. 


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To learn more about Real Estate Development Accounting powered by Acumatica and how it can give your organization a competitive advantage, please contact us today for a demonstration or sample report booklet. 

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