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How Acumatica Addresses Your Biggest Real Estate Development Accounting Challenges

Acumatica Real Estate Development & Accounting delivers all the functionality real estate developers need. Acumatica Real Estate Development & Accounting is the only software on the market with proper real estate developer perspective… Not Asset Management software with an add-on… Not Contractor software.

Acumatica Real Estate Development Accounting is designed for small to large-scale development projects and portfolios. It delivers innovation and functionality that allows you, the developer, to manage your business while reducing risk quickly.

Acumatica Real Estate Development & Accounting eliminates the need for stand-alone applications and external spreadsheets, often leading to inefficient and inaccurate data collection. To address your biggest real estate development challenges, the solution provides you with:

  • Multi-Entity & Inter-Company Accounting
  • Project Cost Management
  • Contract Management
  • Loan Draw Management

One or two clicks enable you to drill into the report exceptions, thus enabling you to focus on the issues that need attention and, at the same time, filter out the clutter. This improves and enhances your ability to make sound decisions fast and continues to protect your investments.

Loan Draw saves a significant amount of time in loan document preparation. Loan Draw prevents cost invoices from slipping through the cracks and not being submitted to the lender. This reduces the risk of costs not being funded. Every invoice is tracked, and its loan draw status can be reviewed anytime. The developer’s equity is tracked as well.

Project reports provide a unique calculation of the ‘Cost at Completion,’ even when the project is in its early stages. This reduces risk since the actual cost is displayed throughout the project’s life.

Robust back-office financial reporting provides multi-entity accounting along with departments and sub-accounts.

The Acumatica client-focused design and technology simplify your business operations and lower your costs year after year.

As an Acumatica Gold Partner, Anton Systems, Inc. has been delivering real estate development and property management software solutions for the past three decades, implementing business software solutions to over 700 clients. Our Anton Advantage is based on technical and practical experience and deploys and supports the right business technology software to our clients and expert ongoing continuous improvement support.

To learn more about Acumatica for your real estate development organization us this link to Contact Us today!

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