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Cyber Risk Puts Data in Danger

If you employ electronic strategies to manage your property, or to work within your property management business in any way, then you need to understand the potential dangers associated with it. That is, in order to keep the information of your company and your residents or tenants safe, you have to be able to take …

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Fall Claims - Anton Systems

Fall Claims Could Trip You Up

Despite your best efforts, there may be an incident on or in your commercial property where a tenant or visitor slips and falls.  Though you’ve been careful with the cleaning and have employed warning signs, these fall claims could be highly detrimental to your property management work and could impact your relationships with tenants.  Learn …

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Holiday Tips - Anton Systems

Holiday Tips for Safety’s Sake

The holiday season is a stressful time for many and one during which everyone has a lot on their minds.  For property managers, there can be increased concerns during this period when business and work load could be at their highest and other issues come into play.   Because a number of people go away on …

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