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Lease Development Advice to Follow

Lease development for commercial properties can be a difficult process on both sides of the equation. Crafting a comprehensive lease can be a challenge for landlords while understanding what it says can be hard for potential tenants. Though leases of all kinds can come with their own complications, “most experts would agree that commercial lease …

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Cyber Risk Puts Data in Danger

If you employ electronic strategies to manage your property, or to work within your property management business in any way, then you need to understand the potential dangers associated with it. That is, in order to keep the information of your company and your residents or tenants safe, you have to be able to take …

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Landlords Versus Airbnb - Anton Systems

Airbnb Versus Landlords

If you’re a landlord or property manager, you’ve likely heard of Airbnb.  In fact, you may have had issues with the company and the people who use it already, particularly if you live in a major city such as Washington D.C., New York, or Philadelphia.  The site, and others like it, allow people to offer …

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The Mall Ain’t What It Used to Be

We’ve written before in this space about the transformation of the American suburban shopping mall in the face of changes in demographics, technology and consumer habits. Many mall owners and managers have responded by radically changing their mix of tenants. As retailers that cater to teens and millenials – like Aeropostale, American Eagle and Abercrombie & …

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The ‘Golden Rules’ of Property Management

Everyone knows that the golden rules of real estate are “The Three Ls: Location, Location, Location.” But successful property managers have their own set of golden rules, said Marc Courtenay, founder and owner of Advanced Investor Technologies LLC. He calls them the “Three Ps,” which stands for “Personalize, Philosophize and Prioritize.” Writing for, Courtenay …

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