Why Real Estate Developers Choose Budgetrac Software for their Accounting

Real Estate Development Accounting Software is a must-have for every company in the industry. In a world where rising costs are a reality, businesses need state-of-the-art software to save them time and money and offer them value and simplicity.

One of the clients we would like to highlight is a real estate development company in the Virginia area. Their business is to acquire land and develop it for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. This includes rezoning property and managing the development and building of industrial buildings, retail shopping centers, and medical offices. While they don’t do the construction directly, they use a variety of specialists and contractors. Their need was to track costs against budget. For the longest time, they tried to do this with spreadsheets, and it was complicated, cumbersome, and not very insightful.

Other Real Estate Development Software products on the market never quite worked for them. One solution they looked at didn’t have a job costing module. And using multiple systems meant their workflow was overcomplicated and difficult to manage. To make matters worse, their previous software provider was far too expensive and wasn’t user-friendly, and they had no confidence in the reports it generated.

“Yardi is too much… And it doesn’t have a very user-friendly interface. When you run a report, there are 12 boxes on the page, and you don’t know what to put in each box to get the precise information you’re looking for.”

Another solution they tried was, again, incomplete. They needed something more straightforward, easy-to-use and that met more of their business and workflow requirements.

“We had tried an online system called Northspyre for a big project… it involved job costing and loan draw preparation… but it didn’t do accounting.”

The more research they did into Real Estate Development Accounting software, one product cropped up as being the answer to their problems. Budgetrac Software. This drove them to seek out Anton Systems, a thirty-year veteran reseller of software products for the real estate industry.

“The further I got into it and investigated, not only did Budgetrac software meet all of our requirements for what we wanted, but it also was within our budget.”


What they needed from Real Estate Development Accounting Software and why Budgetrac made sense

This client needed some key deliverables. They needed a solution to track the costs to their budget; Budgetrac Software does that effectively. They needed to track their commitments, with one of their primary requirements being the need to know how much had been paid. Specifically, how much should have been taken out of the budget for lease commissions on retail space.

They needed their Real Estate Development Accounting Software to review records and compare those costs for future projects. Such as seeing what they had spent on permits and fees in a geographic region. They wanted to see costs at the detail level, such as for materials. Allowing them to carry out smart budgeting for future projects.

“So, those are some of the things we were after and that Budgetrac has really come through for us so far.”

We understood these requirements, and we had a solution – Budgetrac Software

With all our clients, we start by understanding your needs. We conduct interviews to learn about your data flows, discuss objectives, and present solutions. This client was no exception.

“But once we signed on with Budgetrac, we could tell it was very well defined. From the touchpoint list and training, the timing of the training, and what would be covered in training. And often, I would go back for anything I had tried on my own and wasn’t comfortable with, which was worked into that.”

Budgetrac Software saves you time

A key benefit of Budgetrac Real Estate Development Accounting Software is how user-friendly the interface is, which saves you time and money. It is all-encompassing, allowing data to be managed and analyzed in one system. Budgetrac Software tells you everything you need to know in an easy-to-read format and exports it into a PDF for you at the click of a button.

“Other systems are so complicated it takes hours, days, or even weeks to run tasks…That was a lifesaver because it was a day’s worth of work in a matter of minutes, and you’ve captured everything. The loan draw process was one of the things that really exceeded my expectations.”

Support and Training at all stages

Anton Systems is all about relationships. Unlike other companies, we don’t pressure you to sign the contract and then pass you around as you struggle to onboard and use our software. One of our standout services is how we train, onboard, and continue to support you throughout your time using Budgetrac software. We ensure we help you so you can get the most out of our products. Our helpdesk will take the time to give you full troubleshooting support if required. We’ll methodically train your staff to use the product to meet your requirements and needs.

“The training program, and the onboarding, I think is very well thought out, and, and very well implemented by the people who are doing it. I really like the little one-page, How-to guides that you guys send me when I say, hey, how do I do this?”

How can Anton Systems help you?

Real Estate Developers need comprehensive state-of-the-art accounting software. All the other products on the market fail to allow you to streamline your workflows. They are cumbersome, overpriced, and unintelligent. We understand your specific needs as a developer, can solve your problems, and meet all your requirements with Budgetrac Software.

We took the time to understand their needs and train them fully with ongoing support. Anton Systems can help you view, share, manage and leverage your data in similar ways. Maximize your operating performance and ensure value for money.

Whether you manage or develop a single building or an entire portfolio, Anton Systems can provide all the necessary business technology and services to make your company more profitable. With over 30 years of experience, we can help you! Contact us today to find out how or learn more about Budgetrac Software.


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