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Still Using Outdated and Manual Real Estate Development Software?

The struggles of still using outdated and manual real estate development software are unnecessary as they are hindering. To limit your company’s accounting to Quickbooks and project costing, commitments to Excel diminishes time, as well as control. Now, imagine utilizing a cloud-based software solution that gives you complete project control, including the ability to: view your projects on one dashboard, analyze project cash flow and profit/ loss on a single report, and handle change orders with ease, which ensure your project stays on time and budget.

The Frustrations of an Antiquated System

The use of Excel and Quickbooks comes at the cost of staff complaints and various frustrations, ranging from poor integration to complicated systems, and the need for multiple reports, among other annoyances. There is also the hassle of storing/retrieving data from different software programs, which can cause double entry and other such errors. In addition, it’s no secret that real estate development companies of varying sizes have found that Excel comes with several issues when used for accounting, particularly as a substitute for a true accounting software solution. When using spreadsheets in conjunction with Quickbooks, the potential for error (whether human, or software, or both) is incredibly likely. Using these antiquated solutions means you’re using slow programs that will struggle the more data is involved. It also means that you’re unable to connect to the Cloud, so there is a greater – potential for duplicate data mistakes (since it can’t be easily shared between team members).

A Better Alternative?

If your company is still utilizing Excel and Quickbooks to track your real estate development projects, you may not know that there is a better option that can replace both. Property development software solutions are designed to simplify and automate real estate projects from inception through completion. Moreover, this particular software can handle all aspects of the real estate development life cycle so you can better sustain workflow. With a good software solution, all the accounting activities update the robust general ledger in real-time, enhancing your decision-making process with accurate, fresh, relevant data. An integrated software solution will eliminate costly errors associated with those programs and allow for easier day-to-day for your development projects.

Budgetrac Offers a Fully-Integrated, Cloud-Based Solution

Budgetrac is a modern solution that manages large amounts of data with ease; because it is software that is Cloud-based, your data is easily accessible everywhere, from office to job site, from desktop to mobile devices. So, you’ll no longer have to settle for a disjointed software experience and can instead utilize an integrated solution that requires no bridging information between programs. Wondering what other features come with this revolutionary product?

Budgetrac has intelligent reporting to view all your projects in a single report and enables you to see both project cash flow and profit/loss on a single report.

Budgetrac easily handles all aspects of real estate project development, from predevelopment cost to final funding and beyond.

Budgetrac allows for complete project control from managing contractors and suppliers, loan draw requests, payments, and change orders, helping to ensure your project stays on time and on budget.

If you’re worried about converting from Excel and Quickbooks to Budgetrac, don’t worry! We at Anton Systems will work with you every step of the way to ensure you’re set up for success. To learn more about Budgetrac, sign up for your complimentary demo today!


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