Control from Start to Finish

  • Budgetrac Project Control Software addresses your unique needs as a real estate developer. We recognize that your perspective is different than that of a general contractor or subcontractor and Budgetrac reflects this difference in its design.
  • It is common for job costing software to give you monthly project reports comparing paid-to-date costs with fixed project budgets. But – these reports tell you what happened after most of the work completed. This management technique is analogous to driving down the road looking through the rear view mirror. It gives you historical perspective, but with limited control.
  • Budgetrac provides a panoramic view of projects. It lets you monitor projects instantaneously by looking out the windshield to see where your project is going. You can steer it to a successful and profitable completion.
  • Budgetrac helps control by maximizing project visibility. You can see the current status long before vendor draw requests are received and processed through accounts payable to general ledger. Using dynamic budgeting, commitment tracking, and costing information, you can determine total project exposure. You can calculate the total estimated cost to complete when a project is 75%, 50%, or even just 25% complete.
  • Budgetrac takes project control a step further by delivering the same forward-looking approach to revenue and funding. Loan draw let you see current and projected funding and compare them to actual costs on the same report.

Budgetrac is a complete, integrated accounting system for developers, covering “core” accounting needs along with modules designed specifically for project control. From predevelopment cost to final funding, from project control to general ledger, Budgetrac sets a new standard for real estate development software.

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