Budgetrac Software – Real Estate Accounting and Development Management

Although today’s real estate development companies are lean and mean, they need to solve complex real estate operational issues. The key to being efficient with a small staff is a software solution that is easy to use yet robust enough to handle all your real estate operations.

By providing one solution to your development company’s dimensions, you will eliminate the need for multiple standalone applications and external spreadsheets, which lead to inefficient and inaccurate data collection.

We consistently hear comments from our clients, stating:

“Budgetrac is easy to learn and easy to use. It’s very intuitive.” – CFO at a Regional Multi Family Developer

“We are amazed how easy the software is to use, yet it still provides us everything we need.” –  Project Manager, Commercial Developer, CA

“We save a few days every month in preparing our loan draws compared to using Excel.” – Accounting Clerk, Regional Multi Family Developer

“We have increased our development activity by 800% and have not had to hire any new staff.” – Residential Developer, South-East Region

“Budgetrac truly understands our business…real estate development.” – Owner/Developer, Commercial Properties, NY

Budgetrac addresses your critical real estate developer needs with industry-specific functionality, such as:

  • Complete loan draw & funding functionality that significantly reduces loan preparation time.
  • Comprehensive commitment tracking that provides critical project information which assists in reducing your risk in project-cost overruns.
  • Complete profitability cycle functionality in one solution that eliminates the need for multiple applications and spreadsheets; and measurably increases your team’s efficiency.
  • Flexible design and additional real estate functionality let you dictate your business decisions and processes, not having the software dictate to you. Letting you do best what made your company successful.
  • And a robust general ledger and financial reporting system that is designed specifically for a real estate development company.


Interested in Budgetrac Software for your organization? Would you like a demo of the software or talk with one of our clients using Budgetrac? Contact us today!


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