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Budgetrac Real Estate Development Ins and Outs (Part Two)

Real estate developers, owners and investors understand just how difficult it can be to manage and control commercial and residential development projects…and so does Anton. We are committed to providing solutions designed to simplify and automate development projects from inception through completion. That’s why we recommend Budgetrac real estate development software for anyone who could benefit from its many offerings.

Working with Budgetrac Real Estate Development’s Tools

Part of what Budgetrac Real Estate Development brings to the table is LEAD, a software that easily handles all aspects of development, from pre-development cost to final funding, from project construction to property management. This groundbreaking technology sets the standard for real estate development, offering functionality such as:

  • Project control – Automatically captures the entire project cost and income activity at the cost code level, at the same time it posts directly to designated accounts in general ledger in real time.
  • Commitment management – Automatically calculates retention amounts as indicated in the contract.
  • Loan draw – Puts together, in one integrated package, features to let you control project funding as well as project costs.
  • Project reporting – Reports display columns that show you a panoramic view of all aspects of your real estate undertaking.

From inception to completion, from project pre-development to property management, from vertical construction to tenant improvements, and from lender fundings to tenant billings, LEAD sets a new standard for real estate development software. LEAD is the one system that keeps track of both the front line and bottom line. Real estate developers need and deserve a software system that manages projects effectively and cost-efficiently.

Budgetrac LEAD delivers and more with the latest technology and unique-to-the-industry features, including “Project Aware” design, which makes development accounting an inherent component of the system. It also brings to the table a “secret sauce,” which is a unique-to-the-industry forecasting method that allows you to look at the estimated cost to complete at any point in your project’s life cycle, thus protecting your investment. This software significantly reduces your loan draw preparation time, while tracking your equity in the project, while the “Commitment” feature manages and assists with controlling your costs by tracking your retainage and preventing over-payment.

Budgetrac can streamline all aspects of your real estate development business and Anton Systems can help you to figure out how it’s done. Get in touch with our property management and real estate development experts; we’re happy to speak with you about any aspects of our services or offered products. From strategy through support, our team is your team!

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