Real Estate Project Management

Better Visibility into Your Projects

With a host of projects at various stages of development, knowing the specifics of each is unlikely to be your first focus. However, when a project goes over budget and you can’t figure out what went wrong, you may begin to lose control over your portfolio.

What if you could see how each project was progressing at a quick glance? The latest real estate development accounting software allows you to see performance in real-time. You can better understand which projects are on track and which could use more attention. And you’re better able to speak on projects with your financial institutions when they check in. Overall, you’ll have a better sense of how things are going in your business. There’s no need to wait for reports to deliver good or bad news. There’s no need to wait until the end of the month to make any necessary changes.

In 2022, spreadsheet-based cost tracking, and backward-looking reporting are already ancient processes. To stay on top of the industry, you must think about how technology can fill in any gaps in your project’s performance and how you can promote that technology as a key differentiation from the competition. The real estate developers who operationalize their technology first will ensure their team is a trendsetter instead of a trend chaser.

Budgetrac for Developers

Budgetrac equips owners with the tools to run a tighter, more efficient machine. You’ll experience higher returns by eliminating little budgeting errors that add up to major earnings losses for your organization.
Empower your team to make informed, data-driven decisions while reducing the number of low-value tasks on their to-do list. Eliminate 80% of your administrative functions without hiring an assistant, spend 80% less time on low-value tasks, and deliver projects under budget when using the right software.

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