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5 Tips for Successfully Managing Remote Project Teams in Real Estate Development

Are you struggling to manage remote project teams in your real estate development business? Between your office workers, your on-site personnel, and your work-from-home members, your attention can quickly become divided as you work to get the relevant information to your geographically scattered team.

The good news is that technological advancements have made it easier than ever to manage remote project teams. With project management software designed specifically for commercial real estate development, you can keep your entire team on the same page, regardless of their physical location.

Here are five tips for successfully managing remote project teams in real estate development.

1. Make Well-Defined Policies and Procedures Accessible to Everyone

Well-defined policies and procedures set clear expectations for the efficient operation of your project. And they can save developers hours of answering the same questions over and over.

  • How do I request time off?
  • How do I file a requisition request?
  • Who do I contact if I’m unable to report to work because of illness?
  • Where can I find an incident report form?

But this only works when the policies and procedures are easily accessible to the entire team. Take advantage of cloud-based project management solutions that allow all team members to access shared documents. Members will be able to quickly access your policy and procedures manual from any location, so they always know how to proceed with administrative tasks without disturbing supervisors.

2. Enhance Project Visibility Across the Board

In the old days of commercial development, it was difficult for the developer to clearly express their vision for the project to the entire team. It was even harder to update the team on progress made toward the vision or keep them in the loop about changes to the vision.

But today’s developers have access to property development software that allows all team members to get a complete project overview, including progress toward the goal and changes to the original plan. This project visibility results in fewer oversights and greater efficiency from remote teams.

3. Enable Seamless Communication

Communication is critical when your team is scattered across multiple locations. Not being able to speak face-to-face during the workday creates a unique challenge for remote teams.

But today’s tech makes remote communication easier than ever. You can hold team meetings (or private meetings, for that matter) via video conferencing tools, which will allow you to get eyes on everyone so you can read the nonverbal language in addition to the verbal communication. And instant messaging apps allow you to communicate in real-time with your team, rather than waiting hours for an email reply.

4. Promote Accountability

Remote workers need to be able to function independently, without constant supervision. But to make sure the project remains on schedule and on budget, you need a system of accountability in place.

Your commercial real estate development software should include built-in accountability tools. Task management functions, automated reminders, and regular status reports help your team stay on track.

5. Remain Flexible

Even the best-laid plans are subject to changing circumstances. And when your team is scattered across multiple locations, you need a quick and easy way to make sure everyone is kept abreast of necessary changes.

If your development business is still tracking project progress on a series of spreadsheets, you’re far more likely to experience serious misunderstandings as plans change. Updating one spreadsheet and failing to update a supplementary sheet creates discrepancies that cause confusion and bring the project to a halt while the issue is sorted. But with comprehensive property management software, an update is immediately and automatically disseminated to all relevant dashboards and reports.

One Solution for All Your Development Needs

You can quickly and easily implement all of these tips through one convenient and affordable software solution. Sign up for a complimentary demo of Budgetrac’s commercial real estate development software today, and see how simple managing a remote development team can be when you have the right tools.

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