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Using CRM and TRM - Anton Systems

Using CRM to Nurture, Retain and Succeed

One of the more valuable attributes of using CRM strategies is the ability to nurture and retain existing customers through increased customer service while also reducing the cost of service to those customers. By using CRM tactics, you can assist management by optimizing information shared by multiple employees. You can also provide employees with the information and processes necessary to know who their customers are, understand and identify their needs, and thereby effectively build relationships between your company and your customers.

Consider the Benefits of Using CRM

Using CRM and TRM - Anton SystemsThe SKYLINE Tenant Relations Management (TRM) is a CRM tool that meets the above goals and objectives of a CRM with your tenants being the customer. It is a powerful tool and an integrated part of the SKYLINE Property Management, Accounting and Reporting Solution, which allows you to track and manage all tenant interactions (called Events) along with all associated Past and Future Actions associated with an Event.

As a strategic tracking and reporting tool, the SKYLINE TRM will automatically log who entered the Events and Actions and will automatically date and time-stamp those Events and Actions. It will also list who was responsible for all Past Actions and who is responsible for all Future Actions on specific dates.

By utilizing the powerful SKYLINE Alert System, users will automatically receive a SKYLINE e-mail or an automatic alert when they log into SKYLINE to notify them of all Future Tenant Events and Actions. In addition, you can easily access reports regarding all Tenant Events and Actions via SKYLINE inquiry screens and reports to check status of all Events, Past Actions and Future Actions.

SKYLINE TRM provides you with a comprehensive and focused tool for tracking every tenant touch point and activity. The SKYLINE TRM delivers tenant information and reporting – which will empower your team with detailed, time-stamped information while also providing tenants with a consistently superior customer experience.

For information on SKYLINE Property Management Software, download a brochure that highlights the features and benefits of SKYLINE.

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