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Technology for a Business Upgrade in the New Year

Do you ever feel as if you’re falling behind in a high-tech world?  The choice to shy away from integrating devices and software may have a negative impact on your property value as it sets you apart from the competition, and not in a very good way.  Property management isn’t a new industry and you’ve likely gotten used to one way of doing things, but consider a few technology changes in order to boost your business.

What Can New Technology Do for You?

In many cases, stagnation is a symptom of gradual failure.  Luckily, introducing new features into your work as a property manager is much easier than it sounds, particularly with the selection of modern offerings that can make your day to day a much smoother process.  A company that has used the same strategy or methods for thirty years may be on to something, but they may also be missing out on lucrative opportunities.  If their competition have been seizing those chances, then that previously-successful business will start to be on the decline before long.

Technology in general is a field that is rapidly expanding and changing.  One look at the iPhone releases can tell you that, given how frequently “updated” products are released and the improvements within what they can do.  It should be the same in your property management business; for example, if you’re primarily keeping paper records, there needs to be a switch.  Electronic data collection and organization makes the process infinitely easier, more secure, and shows that you are on top of things.

Doubtful?  Consider that you would be able to more easily and directly remind tenants or renters of their upcoming payment dates.  Though you may prefer written and posted notices, sending out an electronic message may result in a more encouraging on-time response rate, particularly if that’s something you’ve had difficulty with. It combines convenience with ubiquity, making it easy for them to see and respond to your announcements, if needed.

New Technology for Business - Anton Systems Most helpful to everyone involved is the introduction of electronic rent payments.  You may be wary of conducting your finances online, but these systems are secure and make it incredibly simple for tenants to send in money on time.  In fact, a step farther is for you to offer some kind of incentive program or reward for using this online system as it will ensure that payments are taken care of on time more often than when it’s needed to be done manually.  Even better is that you have options because there are a number of rent collection offerings that “can do everything from sending out rental invoices, transferring funds from a tenant’s account to yours, calculating late fees and sending out late notices.”

At the very least, do some research as to how certain technologies can benefit your business.  There’s very little harm to a trial period, to taking small steps, rather than diving in headfirst and abandoning every old system for the new.  These changes are meant to be gradual and should improve and simplify your work rather than to cause you greater stress.  Test out some new electronics in the name of efficiency and competition and then make a decision as to what is best for your property.

If you’re wondering where to begin, then consider a consultation with Anton Systems.  Our experts can offer advice tailored to you and your property’s needs rather than an unhelpful and generalized offer.  We can recommend the assistance of some of the most powerful software solutions available, such as the SKYLINE property management and accounting software.  SKYLINE allows for easier control of project developments so that you can boost the results of your work without any trouble at all.  We call them “integrated business solutions” because they fit easily into your day to day, making it a breeze to learn and use the technologies you need to propel your business into 2016.

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