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Simplify Your Software

Simplify your Software

By: Janet Cunningham / Anton Systems, Inc.

The Property Management industry is diverse in the offerings each company has to allow full feature management.  This diversity ranges can be as simplistic as Management, Maintenance, and Brokerage to full feature Management, Maintenance, Development and Brokerage which handles all sales and leasing of outside interests and internal managed entities.

The complexity of tools chosen to fully manage the company has been a variety of industry software brought into place for each department.  The selection of multiple software increases costs and management on individual database maintenance, vendors and training for use of each.   Using multiple software solutions that do not “speak” to each other creates labor time to update the various databases to be true and accurate, and allows for error due to this constant redundancy of information update.

Using a solution that allows for full feature back office accounting, facility maintenance, development and CRM along with Full Web Exposure for the Brokerage side of your business without data redundancy is a smart choice for any management office to reduce labor costs and errors.   SKYLINE Property Management Software’s many features allows this full service solution to any company allowing a competitive edge regardless of the size of the Property Management company.

From the basics of full industry accounting handling all multi-industry management types, SKYLINE also boasts of many non-accounting features such as:

·          Full Tenant Web Portal with Tenant History, Payment ability and Work Order generation

·          Brokerage Portal allowing full exposure of your portfolio and inventory for sale or lease

·          CRM Prospect management

·          Full Feature Facility Maintenance including Asset management via the web from start to completion of any work order.

·          Project Management for development of Tenant Improvements to Building development.

·         Tenant relation management allowing full disclosure on notice generation and follow-up to complete.

Choosing SKYLINE Property Management Software allows your office one solution to manage all aspects of the portfolio of services provided.

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