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Roofing Contractor Hiring Dos and Don’ts

Whatever kind of property you own, it (almost definitely) has a roof. That means, every so often, you need someone to look at it for maintenance and safety purposes. Something like a small leak can bring up big complaints in residents or cause massive damage to tenants’ offices, so make sure that you know how to hire a roofing contractor if you are a property manager in search of one.

How to Find a Suitable Roofing Contractor

Though it’s only one of your many regular tasks, searching for various contractors is a hugely important job. These are the men and women who will be ensuring that various parts of your building’s structure are functioning as they should. A number of people could tell you about the dangers of not doing extensive research before making a contractor hire, including people who suffered financially because they were ripped off or because their hire didn’t do a thorough job.

Know that “entry level positions for roofers are available to those even without a high school diploma,” so confirm that your company or contractor of choice has the experience and reviews to back up their claims and to inspire confidence before they even begin. It’s easier than ever these days to go online and to see what the world has to say about one business or another, but also remember that this is not the end-all-be-all for a potential pick. Though you should be wary of those with negative reviews, note which seem like isolated incidents and which seem like consistent troublemakers. People are more likely to write bad reviews than positive ones, but you still have to do your due diligence to sort through them.

Your residents or tenants will feel it if you do not have a quality or updated roof installed. After all, the roof is the covering over their heads and the immediate protection from the elements, so leaks and damage are only some of the consequences if you do not employ a qualified roofing contractor for the job. “Not only do negligent roofers pose a danger to your properties and those inside, but they also pose a danger to themselves.” They can be injured and create a liability if they are inexperienced, but falling materials and flimsy construction endangers all those who live or work on your property. Avoid that potential by both doing your due diligence in the hiring process and also by (either  you or someone on your team) keeping an eye on the work as it’s being done.

Perhaps the most important consideration is whether or not your possible contractor has sufficient insurance. That means not only do they have insurance (not all companies will), but also that it covers everything you might need to worry about. You’re free to ask them for a copy in order to make sure that they’re the right fit for you and that they have a commitment to safety. “Individual roofing businesses may also have additional warranties or service guarantees that they may offer their clients.”

Be picky and discerning when deciding on a roofing contractor. It’s an important decision and a big job, not one that is done adequately by every roofer business in your area. Speak with other, local property managers that you trust in order to get their recommendations and opinions. Luckily, you will know fairly quickly if your roofer did or didn’t do a good job because you can physically see the roof, an external structure. This is compared with, say, electrical work which, since it lives in the walls, would be difficult to judge by sight. Though you may not pick up on all roofing issues after the fact, you will certainly notice if there hasn’t been much change at all or if the team produced shoddy workmanship.

You have enough to worry about when managing a property including hiring various contractors and a dozen other tasks. Let some of the work get handled by a software that can manage all of your properties in one, powerful system. SKYLINE Property Management & Accounting Software is trusted by the professionals to bring results. It has a lot of features in order to cover all of your professional bases. One such feature is its Facilities Maintenance & Work Orders, which can help out when submitting requests for, say, roofing leaks and other issues overhead. Don’t let things come crashing down on you because you had to go at this alone! Try out SKYLINE today.

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