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Property Manager Myths Can Hurt Your Business

There are a lot of misconceptions about the work of a property manager and of the managers themselves. Don’t let property manager myths overcome facts when it comes to day to day considerations and decisions so that your productivity and tenant satisfaction are at their highest. Or, if you are the building owner, don’t let misinformation prevent you from hiring the help you need to make business run smoothly.

Avoid Property Manager Myths

If you own a residential or commercial property, then it’s unlikely you manage things on your own. If this has been your strategy thus far because you don’t think someone else can handle things more effectively than you can, stop and consider the benefits that bringing on a property manager or management team provide. The right individual or company will be invested, literally and emotionally, in your property and will clearly want to do everything they can to keep things running smoothly. Having new people on the scene may also present fresh ideas for changes that you never considered, but which could really improve one aspect of the property or another. Also, “property managers are also aware of market trends, pricing, and strategies that may help to increase your market potential and the monthly income you can generate on the property.”

Not sure if a property manager is within your budget? Make room! You may be overextending yourself as it is doing much of the work that a manager would handle in your own time. Time is money, as they say, so you might actually be losing money in trying to get everything done yourself rather than hiring out. Additionally, you may not be able to complete those tasks as well as someone with a little more experience, so you’re likely sacrificing quality of work and could even be compromising safety. Keep in mind that “a property manager would be able to fill your vacancies faster, deal with late night maintenance calls, and utilize their vendor contacts to get you the best pricing on repairs.” Ultimately, it’s an investment, and it’s one that you want to make.

How is your screening process for residents or tenants? You may not have had any incidents in the past, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to catch every questionable applicant before they cause trouble. It may be impossible for anyone to make that claim, but a property manager would be better equipped than most to carry out interviews and screenings. They can more easily run through all of the necessary background checks to be as sure as possible that the individual is right for your space. They’re also likely more familiar with related laws and can therefore avoid legal pitfalls that you may not have been aware of. Even after the fact, they’re likely to make regular checkups on the units and, if there are any issues to be attended to, they can work with maintenance to get it dealt with. In this way, property managers take a load off of your mind by handling a lot of the more stressful aspects of your job.

You may think that property management is easy based on your experiences thus far, but it’s a more complicated and busy job than you realize, and this is just another of many property manager myths. Parts of their work may be simpler than others, but it’s far from an “easy” job. When it comes to “evictions, collecting payments on a property that is behind on rent, angry residents, late night emergency maintenance calls, [and] residents who are not compliant with the lease terms,” you may find yourself overwhelmed, or simply unhappy being at the end of many tenants’ complaints. You can avoid this unpleasant situation, and can probably eliminate some of those complaints, by utilizing a property manager within your business.

Don’t let property manager myths make you think that hiring one or a team is a bad investment. You can really stand to gain a lot from doing so and will see the results of their efforts in no time at all. Don’t you want to boost profits while managing staying on top of all that work?

SKYLINE Property Management & Accounting Software is an industry standard that provides professional assistance in the convenience of computer software. Whatever your property type, you can rely on this system to make each day a little easier. If you are a property manager and haven’t employed this software into your work, you should test it out today and see what it can do for you. If you’re an owner looking for a management boost, hire a manager or team who utilized this program for the best possible results.

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