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Property Management Blog Suggestions

Working within a property management business, it’s likely that you already have a website. If you have a website, then there’s a good chance that you have a blog. With a blog, you have to be able to produce content regularly in order to see SEO and analytics results, but that isn’t always easy. Those who write blogs know that the process is much more difficult than people think, so take in some of these potential property management blog ideas for the next time that writing a post seems a little out of reach.

Find Ideas for Your Property Management Blog

A good place to start is usually within “industry trends.” Search for other property management blogs or even property management news and see what kinds of things come up. You can’t copy others’ work verbatim, obviously, but if they’ve picked up on a new technology that you hadn’t heard of, then you now have a subject on which to write. Or, if you find a news story about breaking legislature, there’s another possible topic. These are only two avenues to explore, but they can be extremely fruitful.

One of the largest concerns for a property manager is resident retention. Would you say that your own strategy is sound? If it is, then you may have a good leg to stand on for a post of this topic. Other managers will want to know how you’re able to reach success… and though you may be wary about giving away your “secrets,” you can offer some tips and advice without spilling the beans on your entire strategy. By doing so, you’re proving your expertise to competitors and customers alike and may even receive some tips from others that can help you, too.

Similarly, you can ask for others‘ experiences, advice, and suggestions rather than offering your own. People like to share their two cents, so whether they’re your fellow managers or your residents, reach out and ask what they have to say. Inversely, this may be a time in which those visitors will then ask you questions after posing some of their own. The concept behind both this and the above point is to get a dialogue going and to encourage conversation so that your property management blog brings in more of an audience than ever.

Other major concerns of those in the property management business include safety and liability. “The idea is to exhibit your knowledge, authority, and competence, in case readers are ultimately looking for property management services to save them time – and court costs.” If they are in your field or within the same profession, it’s likely that they want the same kind of suggestions that you would want, so think about tricky experiences you’ve had in the past and what you wish someone had told you.

What kinds of technology have you used, or do you use, to your advantage? A property management blog is a good place to go into detail about your experience with, say, a software that you utilize in your business. People are always looking for ways to make things easier, to accomplish tasks faster, and often this can be done with the aid of such a solution. If you like the one you’ve used, then talk about it in a blurb, highlighting its features and the pros and cons of its use.

It goes hand in hand with giving general advice and discussion liability: consider “cautionary tales” so that people can see what to do and what not to do when it comes to certain aspects of property management. It may be at your expense or it may just be a story about someone you know, but passing it on could aid someone in the future. It could also amuse your audience, depending on the tale, so take a light approach to the story if you can (and if there isn’t serious subject matter involved). Generally, though, you want to engage, entertain, and inform rather than scare or sadden.

When producing these property management blog posts, you want to be as specific as possible. If not, you’ll be competing with dozens and dozens of similar blogs from similar companies and that makes your job all the more difficult. Trying to make both your content and keywords unique and tailored as closely as possible to what you’re talking about will vastly improve your SEO scores.

To improve the productivity of your online efforts, better blogging is needed. To improve the productivity of your real-world efforts, better software solutions are needed. Opt to use something like Budgetrac Property Management Software to see what this powerful tech can do for you. While you type away about avoiding liability issues, Budgetrac has a Retail Sales functionality which enables the comparison of tenants and assists in identifying troubled tenants. It can do so much more, too, so look into Budgetrac’s many benefits today.

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