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Overcoming Communication Barriers

Overcoming Communication Barriers

By: Janet Cunningham / Anton Systems, Inc.

Communication is the basis of all Real Estate and Property Management transactions. Whether negotiating a lease, providing services to a tenant, negotiating past due rents or securing the proper vendor for a task at hand, the need for documented, precise communication is of utmost importance. As the industry strives to become “paperless” the capability of a central repository for all the various “types” of communication generated within each management office becomes a necessity. Communication that can be readily reviewed, reproduced or viewed in multiple environments available for all interested parties involved in a single management task is essential. Documentation of an initiating letter, email or phone call is important, however, only the start of what is necessary for true historical value. The process and steps taking any communication from initial contact to closure becomes valuable historical data for future review.

In an industry where one individual is required to wear multiple hats on a daily basis, this repository of information is key for quick review and ramp-up on any issue current or past. SKYLINE Property Management Software has a full feature selection of the needs for that multi-tasking Manager that requires ease of access and review on the many events occurring on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. From simple “right-click” document creation with field merge ability, to property level mass emails with user defined letters – this solution can handle all the communication needs of any Management office, big or small. With SKYLINE Property Management Document and CRM abilities to assist both Management and back office full completion of any task with proper documentation is a key stoke away.

Some of the many features available in SKYLINE Property Management are:

Create letter, attach and follow-up in one process for a single Tenant.

  • Update follow-up phone calls, emails and additional documents in single repository.
  • Create letter, attach and follow-up multiple tenant records in one process.
  • Create Property level communication and follow-up for historical value.
  • User defined reminders via email or fully drillable “To-Do” List.
  • Full Web Dashboard visibility and alerts with Prospect CRM interaction
  • Prospect Contact Management for initial lease negation and traffic reporting.

SKYLINE Property Management Software will ensure each business has all the tools to properly document all communication within the organization. For information on SKYLINE Software, please contact Dolores Lancaster at 954-315- 9000 ext 117 or dlancaster@antonsystems.com, or download a brochure that highlights the features and benefits of SKYLINE.

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