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A Satisfied Tenant Is an Investment in Success

The tenant is the lifeblood of the property management community, and thus tenant retention is key to the success of any property management community. After all, with high tenant retention comes a steady stream of income, allowing for reinvestments to further improve tenant retention as well as investments into new projects as you expand your business. Indeed, the foundation of any successful property management company is inevitably the happiness and satisfaction of your current tenants, so that you might reliably grow your business over the years.

How to Compete in Today’s Market

Thus, the key is to find out how best to retain tenants. The answer is, quite simply, great service! Prompt customer service can practically guarantee results in what is a very competitive industry; if you have ever had to wait on maintenance, repairs, or simple communication with your own landlord, you will understand that for your tenants, such waiting is a terrible kind of limbo. When there is an issue with the plumbing, the walls/ceiling/floor, environmental controls, or the rent, they want to deal with it as quickly and simply as possible. Repeatedly failing to respond to your tenants’ needs can easily lead to them seeking out a property, be it commercial or residential, that is managed a little more attentively.

This is ultimately how small and medium-sized landlords can compete with larger real estate landlords: by providing knowledgeable and skilled customer service in a timely fashion. Doing so can be quite difficult, especially as your business grows and you have more tenants to manage. To streamline and optimize your property management process, Anton Systems offers SKYLINE Property Management Software.

With SKYLINE, initial contact with the tenant becomes a series of follow-up events ensuring that the objective of your customer service is reached in a timely and successful manner, helping to ensure tenant retention. Yet SKYLINE’s capabilities don’t end there: our software also provides a variety of resources that accomplish the documentation of contact with tenants and potential tenants, as well as defining and documenting the follow-up process necessary to ensure total and complete customer satisfaction.

Everything You Need to Succeed

tenant retention


SKYLINE’s varied functions don’t end there. A wide variety of included features allow busy property owners and managers to ensure that not a single beat is missed in their relationship and communications with their tenants. For example, SKYLINE offers Tenant Relation Management (TRM) capabilities, allowing for initial contact with pre-defined steps for completion, tenant violations, and follow-up alert listings and emails, as well as planning notifications for property-wide events. After all, tenant relations are more than just the beginning and the end of your relationship with the tenant – they are largely everything in-between!

SKYLINE also allows for e-communication with quick access, allowing for quick access to events and communications and property-wide or tenant-by-tenant notifications. E-mail and listing alerts are available to ensure that no date, objective, or “next step” is missed by you – as busy as you are, it’s nice to have your own administrative assistant in the form of SKYLINE! A web dashboard allows for hands-on management and ownership functions to be accessed anywhere, anytime, using a URL for secure, real-time access to data.

SKYLINE also offers fully functional work order and fixed asset management features, ensuring that maintenance is not just completed in a timely fashion, but also that your property’s many assets are properly maintained and are reaching their full life expectancy. The loss of property assets over time is a quiet way to lose considerable revenue, and tracking that information can save you quite a bit over time!

Meeting Demand with Cutting-Edge Technologies

tenant retention
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In order to provide the best possible service to your tenants, it is necessary to combine your knowledge and expertise with the right software. You’re in a competitive market with high demand, and a breakdown in your property management process can spell trouble for you and your business! SKYLINE Property Management Software is a proven solution capable of meeting the demands of the industry. Whether you’re implementing entirely new features into your property management process or simply bringing the necessary tools in to enhance your current process, SKYLINE is quickly becoming a necessary tool.

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