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Property Manager Best Practices – Financial Responsibility

Property Managers are on the front line of responsibly handling a property’s financial transactions. By following the below best practices, Property Managers will be able to stay in compliance with their area’s financial regulations, keep their ledgers straight and have great reports
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Budgetrac Functionality Solves Developer Issues

Real estate developers in 2018 and beyond need a software system that can address all of their potential problems head-on and provide expedient solutions. This is, of course, where Budgetrac comes into play, as Budgetrac functionality is able to reduce operating costs while also makin
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Real Estate Management Software and Other Tech Tools

As a manager, you have a lot of business on your mind each and every day and may sometimes struggle with keeping it all organized and under control. Luckily, with modern real estate management software and a handful of other websites and apps, you’ll find that it’s easier
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Commercial Real Estate and “the Amazon Effect”

Amazon, the real estate savior? Up until the last few months, it was thought that the online retail giant was single-handedly causing the destruction of retail malls. But the Amazon Effect (much like the butterfly effect) of leasing/ buying brick and mortar slots and getting into agre
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