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Bedbugs Cause Headaches for Property Managers

If you have a rental property where renters are spending one or more nights, then you may have previously had to deal with the issue of bedbugs. If these disgusting pests appear in one of your units, there may come a debate in which it’s argued whose responsibility it is to deal
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Attract Families to Your Rental Property

If, for whatever reason, you are aiming to attract families to your rental property, then there are a few things you should know. The most important is that you don’t actually have to change your strategy very much in order to appeal to this group, though there are certainly a f
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Tenant Responsibility - Anton Systems

Is it a Tenant Responsibility… Or Landlord’s?

Are you confident in your knowledge of which responsibilities are yours and which are the tenant or renter’s? If not, it’s important to get these details straight (assuming they aren’t spelled out in the lease) so that you can avoid as many confrontations as possible
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Renter Appreciation Key to Retention

There are likely some tenants or renters who have been on your property for a long time, and you probably know some of them in an at least friendly way. As a property manager, you must realize the value of loyalty among these people who regularly pay you to use your space. As a result
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