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Property Maintenance Costs Can Be Cut Down

Part of property management is, of course, “management,” and part of management is managing money and expenses. There are a lot of these within the business, since there is a lot of work that needs to be done and jobs that have to be overseen. Taking care of a building and
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Successful Property Managers Are…

Successful property managers are not all created equal. Each has had to find his or her own success over time, working with others (coworkers and clients alike) to find the solid ground on which they are able to get ahead. In order to profit as a property manager of any kind, you have
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Boost Occupancy with SEO Efforts

Most properties will have vacancies every so often. Even a reasonably-priced building in a great location may have some units empty due to certain circumstances. However, you don’t want to leave these empty for long, considering the cost to you and your business as a manager. Wh
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Negotiation Season Is Coming

Spring is only a few months away, which means that you may need to up your negotiation game. When tenants or residents begin to consider other options, or when new ones are moving in, you want to be able to offer them a fair deal that draws them to your property without sacrificing bu
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