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Annual Maintenance Requirements

The end of one year and the beginning of a new one bring with them a nearly-certain need for annual maintenance. When better than now to make sure everything is functioning as it should and is ready to face 2017? Your tenants or renters will thank you for this “gift” of en
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Property Management Horror Stories (and How to Avoid Them)

As with any other business, property management comes with its own difficulties and stressful situations. Each manager will likely experience a “trying” time, to say the least, when working with tenants, renters, staff, or any others throughout the course of his or her wor
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Prevent Burglaries During the Holidays

Unfortunately, this time of year is a big one for theft. Around the holidays, more people than ever find that their packages, mail, and other belongings have vanished from their property. Whether you have tenants whose offices may be in danger of being broken into or residents whose p
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Tenant Privacy: A Matter for Both Parties

People are always concerned with their rights to privacy, and certainly not only within the property management business. For those who are renting their home or office space, however, there is sometimes a question of when it is appropriate for a landlord to enter the unit. What exact
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Holiday Lighting a Commercial Property Boon

‘Tis the season. If you haven’t decorated for this time of year, then you might not be feeling the spirit that pervades society in November and December. Holiday lighting can help commercial properties to show that they are modern, keep things updated, and are interested i
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