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Maintenance Around Property Easier Than You Think

Those who own, maintain, and/or manage rental properties have a lot of work to do… almost all of the time. As the months and years pass by, there will be repairs and updates that need to be made in order to keep things running smoothly (and to keep the property in the best shape
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Landlord Pitfalls to Avoid Within Management

Newer landlords and property managers face a number of difficulties within the business. Whether it’s commercial or residential work, there will always be potential for lot of landlord pitfalls, particularly to those who have a little less experience. Start off your business on
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Tenants Leaving Requires Lots of Work

Having one of your tenants make moves to leave is a difficult process for everyone involved. They have a lot of work to do, of course, between the paperwork and the physical move, but you also have a lot to do. Tenants leaving means that you have a space to fill, and fast, before you
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Online Payment Versus In-Person Rent

It can be easy to make allowances here and there to encourage quick renter or tenant responses. Sometimes (as you may have learned from unfortunate experience), it comes down to a decision to accept rent in any form, for example, rather than to wait for a late payment in its usual for
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