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Unhappy Tenants: Stop the Discontent

Things don’t always go smoothly for property managers. There will always be tenants who have needs that aren’t being met (whether you know about them or not). However, if you learn to recognize the signs of unhappy tenants, you’ll find yourself more prepared than eve
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Overcoming Communication Barriers

Overcoming Communication Barriers By: Janet Cunningham / Anton Systems, Inc. Communication is the basis of all Real Estate and Property Management transactions. Whether negotiating a lease, providing services to a tenant, negotiating past due rents or securing the proper vendor for a
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Lease Development Advice to Follow

Lease development for commercial properties can be a difficult process on both sides of the equation. Crafting a comprehensive lease can be a challenge for landlords while understanding what it says can be hard for potential tenants. Though leases of all kinds can come with their own
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Property Management Blog Suggestions

Working within a property management business, it’s likely that you already have a website. If you have a website, then there’s a good chance that you have a blog. With a blog, you have to be able to produce content regularly in order to see SEO and analytics results, but
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Baby Boomers Seeking Rental Units

As previously discussed, there’s one generation in particular (no, not millennials) that can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked within the housing market. Every residential property manager needs to have a marketing strategy for the baby boomers in order to offer them wha
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