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Incident Reports Require Careful Organization

The best defense is a good offense, or so they say. This turn of phrase is true for property management and in avoiding potential accidents or just generally unpleasant situations that may occur on your property. Take some of these measures to prevent as many of the following incident
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College Renters Require Creative Marketing

Though many students have moved into their rental properties for school already, some may be moving again soon after roommate disagreements or other issues in their current housing. That means that you need to be prepared to have new college renters moving in, and these will be young
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Property Insurance Prevents Headaches

Being in the business, you’re sure to know “the distinctions between insurance products available to both landlords and tenants on rental properties.” Even so, some of that information might not be completely clear, especially if you’re newer to property manage
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Cyber Risk Puts Data in Danger

If you employ electronic strategies to manage your property, or to work within your property management business in any way, then you need to understand the potential dangers associated with it. That is, in order to keep the information of your company and your residents or tenants sa
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Lease Renewal Strategies for Property Managers

Every property manager wants their tenants or renters to return. That is, they want to ensure lease renewal, since trying to find new people to fill those vacancies is always more expensive than retaining those who are present to pay regularly. So, how can you guarantee that renters w
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