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Roofing Contractor Hiring Dos and Don’ts

Whatever kind of property you own, it (almost definitely) has a roof. That means, every so often, you need someone to look at it for maintenance and safety purposes. Something like a small leak can bring up big complaints in residents or cause massive damage to tenants’ offices,
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Commercial Property Safety Considerations

There are a lot of security considerations when it comes to a commercial property. There is a lot of foot traffic, after all, whether it’s people who work there or people simply passing through. If you are the manager of one such property, you may want to look into commercial pr
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Property Manager Myths Can Hurt Your Business

There are a lot of misconceptions about the work of a property manager and of the managers themselves. Don’t let property manager myths overcome facts when it comes to day to day considerations and decisions so that your productivity and tenant satisfaction are at their highest.
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Residential Property Landscaping Increases Aesthetic

The competition between residential properties has never been higher. You’re losing money the longer you have space without renters and you’ll miss out on a chance to nab new residents if another property has even a slight edge on you. To be at the top of the heap of offer
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